life and … death

life comes in many formss,
we see people that live until they die,
we don’t think of the death, only the life,
many people live for different reasons
could it be …
that we all need to learn the same lessons
or could it be…
that we don’t know.
Life is a journey that ends with death.
Living is what we strive for
unless you are depressed.
Even then living the dreams that we have
Living for the lessons we learn
Living for the perfection that doesn’t exist
is living for ourselves.
Take yourself back a few steps
which way have you gone,
right or left…
I wonder and you wonder
if the road we take
is the road more traveled or less…
Tell you once, tell you twice,
tell you more than twice,
trouble brews wherever you go.
Some people say we cause our own trouble,
Some people say that you must stick to your thoughts,
Some people say that we need to have a bright sunny outlook,
but some people say that life is combination
of the good meeting the bad.
Death occurs in one form or many,
but it all lies in death.
Thinking about it may make you weaker
talking about makes you depressed
and thinking about how to live better
is healthier cyclone of life.
Tell yourself once, tell yourself more than twice,
speak it in every language you can think of
Life is a journey with many obstacles, lessons to learn,
and decisions to make up your mind.
follow your heart not what others think.
speak the truth and almost never a lie.
Reach for the stars and you shall see
that death is not to be until it is time…

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