by the owner of this site

I found a rock so clear as crystal
lying on the ground near the frothy crystal lake.
I sat down and saw my loving nature.
I thought about the woman I loved years before
as now I am only in my seniorhood,
remedying through my past.

The past seems useless since
nothing can be changed.
Yet, may be just may be the past
will be guide to the future as
I shut my eyes and go to sleep
I see the past in my dreams.
It goes like this,
the past is the past, you can’t change that
the woman I loved who is now wherever she is now,
turns to me in my dreams and says, “Boy, what happened?”
I turn with a sigh not answering her back, and instead
that is when I go never look back.

May be its for the better,
may be its for the truth,
may be just may be its for the best.
Jolly sings the song with glee,
Cry baby sings the song about sadness and feelings.
But, the truth is for me and her who know its for the best.

We had our moments,
we had our joyful occasions,
about the times that we shared are feelings and thoughts,
the times that we laughed and got a long,
but the times that we cried we held
each other so tight until that faithful day when it was all gone.

She found someone new and I felt all alone.
I never really found that special someone
ever ever again until about one day ten years
down the road I was walking down the street.
Standing was a woman on the street,
leaping to her feet.

She reminded me of the times with my love
of all loves even though it was a different
fish in the sea. she had such great smile,
such great hair, and even the finest way of talking
a man can ask for in a woman.
Oh, what a woman!

We wound up together, marrying with children,
and raised those children to have grandchildren.
then one day, when she died, I sat in my room and
started to cry. I wondered where those years had come
and gone where I sang my life and played in the yard.
Here I am in the yard once more all alone with no one to care for.

When is solitude the moment to be by yourself,
When is there a moment not to be with others
including the one you find and love.
When I was five year old child playing in the yard,
my granny once said “never be alone.”

Never be alone, but I have alone time a lot in my past,
I never understood. Was that lonliness or solitude?
If I was happy then its solitude.
If I was sad then its lonliness.
but if I was a little bit of both in different periods, then
was that solitude or was that lonliness?

I can’t ask my granny now, because I am
what age she was at that time in her life
which was years ago, but I do know this,
when I was lonely I was sad, and when I was
happy I was in solitude, but then when I was
really happy is when I was with the loves of my life.

We may have loves that we meet
and they come in and out of our lives,
whether through changes in life or changes to heaven,
but we are who we are meeting and greeting
accepting that and moving on.
Change is an invaluable lesson we learn in life…

hope you enjoy,

out, J

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