Matter by J.S.R.

What do I got?
What do I have?
What do I want?
What am I about?
Who do I got?
Who do I have?
Who do I want?
Who am I about?
Tomatos are a part of the feast,
You can say one way,
You can say another way,
But does it really go one way or the other.
My strengths are strong,
My weaknesses are weak,
But is it really strong or weak.
May be  its just simultaneous.
My life is good,
My life is precious,
My life is filled with happy,
Sad, angry,and scared…
Think of the many ways
That fill you up, and think
Of the many ways that gear
You up. But never ever think
Of the ways to get angry or sad.
Anger comes from things that
Happen that aren’t going our way.
Sadness is things that happened
That aren’t going our way.
It goes hand in hand…
Feel the weight of the world.
Feel the matter of the world.
Matter is weight, weight is matter.
Feel the matter of the facts,
And the people around you that matter the most.
There are people that live a long story of life,
There are people that travel a long and weighty story.
These stories either crumble and never end.
Or these stories end with happy or sad or angry.
Here is how this story of life goes on…
One day there lived a man living with his woman,
Almost 10 to 15 years till their deathbed…
The man once says to the woman,��?Aha��?
The woman says “what’s the matter?��?
The man says “the matter is that I never mattered.��?
The woman says “that isn’t true��?
The man says “Why I think that is true because…��?
The man’s life lived with apples and greens
From all over the world. He grew up, he ate,
He starved and then ate, he even
Discovered that the moment he ate,
He felt a whirl of knowledge enter his brain.
He started reading and reading and reading,
He came up with a theory or two about…
He even came up with a passion in life…
He became a doctor of medicine.
He felt ontop of the world.
So, why does he not feel he mattered at all in life?
May be just may be he doesn’t realize how much
He did matter. See he was doctor of medicine that
Specialized in a topic of medicine that saved people’s lives.
He was a surgeon. A special kind of surgeon.
He was a surgeon that gave the feeling that the
People that he helped could live longer lives and
Be more freely. He was very well respected amongst
His peers. He even went further and was respected by
Other doctor peers himself.
The man when reminded of this by the woman,
Who he loved for nearly 60 years before and now,
Thinks geez, may be I am wrong or may be you are wrong.
See the man won’t realize his many matters because
Even though he has read so much knowledge in his speciality,
He has not had enough wisdom to realize who mattered…
The matter of frankly speaking
The matter that people really do matter
In this world.  You just have to believe
And discover what truly matters.
Some might think Matter Matters,
Some might say nothing matters,
Some might say I Matter.
I once knew a man who said I Matter,
I still know this man and he
Became my hero. 
When people say I matter, that is a good thing.
Nothing matters not even matter, except my matter.
Discover matter, Discover what really matters…
Matter is … myself!
Matter is the skin that covers my body.
The bones that protect me,
The brain that makes me learn knowledge.
The heart that keeps my body alive.
The blood that feeds my body.
And everything else in between.

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