Times of Our lives, by Jason Ross

When things go bad,
really really bad
in the times of our lives,
we yell, we scream,
we say nasty things to oneanother,
we even say we hate oneanother
even though we do not mean or
intend to say that.
Times of our lives are the times of our lives,
every time we speak its either positive
or negative. We take away the negative times,
and remember the positive.
even though the negative had a lot of negative in it.
When we say we hate this one, we hate that one,
do we really hate or are we so frustrated that
there is nothing more to say.
Feel yourself,
feel who you are,
feel the very need to be strong at times
when things are so high you feel like you
want to die. there is no reason to feel
the way of death, since this is ride of life,
a walk up a big mountain of sand with
a great big excuse to say I hate you.
I see you, I see me,
I see the very aspect of people in need.
I see the people who crave attention
even in times of need. I see the ones that
go insane when they can’t handle the action
going on. I even see the people who were
once strong and now are so weak by it.
But, why are they weak now,
they are weak because they seen
the darkness of the light that sucked them dry,
whether it was the real darkness down below
or entity in their life that sucked them dry
with no money and no pot or place to live.
I see you, I see them, I see the very aspect
of people in dire need. I feel for that,
I feel for them, yet sometimes they don’t know it
since what they see is someone who doesn’t show it.
the aspie like me feels, sees, hears, and can sense
what is going on around them, its the expression
of how they express what is going on around them.
Life is carrying a rose bud of flowers yet no way to express it.
Whether aspie or NT,
what can I do,
what can I say,
people are people and needless to say,
feelings are feelings and needless to say,
words can be hurtful especially in times of stress.
Just remember the words you’ve said before,
the words that will come back again and again.

What an aspie thinks is different from a NT
way of thinking. An aspie thinks with his mind
filled with many loving thoughts and memories
with the need to cherish them and not let go
even in times of dire tension. This might not
be what an NT is looking for now in times of
tension, certainly not the need they need.
this is just what needs to be understood.
Aspies like me needless to say,
and knowingly to say,
h0ping to understand that NT’s are the
world we live in and need to be understood too.
NT way of thinking is completly different.
Move on, Move on, and think about the now
to get to the future.
To come to an understanding,
to come to a mutual peace
between NT and Aspie,
is to understand each other
and each other’s way of thinking.
there is no disability
there is no ways of people saying
this person is strange.
Aspie is people, NT is people
and that is the way the cookie is made.
Have a little faith,
Have a little space,
Live freely amongst each other,
Life is greener when you breath
a little easier, but life is also
a blessing that many feel frightened about.
Say things that you don’t intend to say
feeling badly about it after saying it,
Just makes you wonder…
When anything turns sour or
a lemon turns dry, it gets thrown away
without a care in the world,
When people dry out,
water replenishes their thirst on their quest
for life. When you see an NT or an aspie like me,
people needless to say dry up,
replenish their thinking, replenish their thirst for
the quest of life is only many miles away.
Help them find their way back to the trail
for life is a big adventure, when
the legend of zelda leaves his trail
he finds his feelings that bring him back
even when the diversion leaves him bewildered
and less able to function.

Life is a path that can leave you bewildered sometimes…
Aspie or NT, it makes no difference,
it shapes you, it makes you, but it shouldn’t
become you, you are the person that needs
to spread their wings like an angel in the sky.
It goes for aspies like me or NT’s like others.
Leave now with your mind wondering
what to expect now, what to feel now,
and definitely what to relate to now.
For the people we hate,
we also love,
and the people we really hate,
are just the people we need accept.
People are people that need to live
People are accepting and also
disliking, but that doesn’t mean that people
should hate.
Find your way through open spaces,
and open places, and feel the need to help
one another especially in dire tension
when the stress is so high that
people can not cope.
I shall go now, I shall set my peace to the
people around me for people that love
love is love and disliking
is only accepting those people you dislike.

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