Untitled, by jason ross

I see my life
I see my soul
its lying on a pot of gold
there are differences and situations gone different
in this world.
My angel, my angels,
oh what can I do,
I need, I want, but I can’t have.
My feelings are faithful,
my feelings are genuine,
There are people in love
there are people in countries
there are people that serve their own countries.
Yet, my love goes further than that,
I have myself, I have me, I have the very
distinctions of my desires.
I have my love for the the woman I love
is far far away or right close by, yet I don’t
know when I will meet and finally go out.

She could be someone I met before or
someone I will meet.  Yet, who knows!
All I know is what I know, that I will
see her soon and she will have the pretty smile,
that smart sense in her.  She may have her quirks,
but so do I, yet I know someday, just someday,
I will meet her in a park or in a sparkling place
where her eyes will gaze and I will try even when
I cry.  My feelings for her will be  situated
on a bridge that connects the very aspect
of our lives.   I’ll have the gulf of love in
my hands when I see her.   Though, when will
I see her, have I already seen her, and if so,
she needs me to say something to her.
these feelings I have, the feelings I need,
I want to be in the congress of love.

The situation looks grim, or may be not.
There are women that I met in places
that say there love goes further than that.
I have to end, I have to go, since
my love is waiting somewhere in the world.
She could be far far away or right close by.
My angels, gimmie my angels, the love that
will help me love. Now I shall go and meet
the world and situate myself to find her.
Seek and you shall find that one I love…

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