Opportunity Knocks

Opportunity Knocks
By Jason Ross
I walk down the street,
Seeing  the people I meet,
Harvesting the very aspect of my mind,
The people greet oneanother,
Talk with oneanother, and feel for oneanother.
Or at least some of them.
Some also fight with oneanother.
Streets are filled with people I said,
But also filled a great ease of life.
Or so it seems at this moment in time.
There are so many beginnings and
So many endings.  What begins, must also end.
The endings can be sad or really really happy.
The beginnings can start out sad and end happy.
People in this world know one thing for sure,
The egos that need to feel important.
I once knew a man about my age it seems,
That all he thought about was the ego inside of him.
He felt an emptiness, something that he needed filled up.
His ego was as big as a whale and would make others like me
Feel upset and worthless.
One day I woke up and thought to myself,
What makes him do this making me feel this way,
And the answer came in a flash, ‘Its because I forgot
What makes me so great.��? I am who I am.
I have passion, I have wonders, I have the inner workings
Of my soul.  Yet, the need to be the best I can be
Has to happen right now whether ready or not.
If not, I will be stuck for a long time to come,
If yes, I will be the best I can be.
If yes, I can forget what everyone else does.
Roses can be red and beautiful but also ugly and
Deteriorationg at the same time.
To see the Roses red and beauitful is to see that
Life has so much to offer with opportunity knocking at your door.

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