Being the Asperger that I am

Being the Asperger that I am
By Jason Ross

The night is dreary,
The stars are out,
everybody is coming out.
My feelings are hurt
Even more than anybody can say.

The people coming out are
Coming from the usual places,
A good paying job, anda good night out,
Or better yet, coming from a test.
Some of these things or all of these things,
Turn the wheels of time setting up for an almighty test.

I tell you once, I tell you twice,
I need the owning of my life.
Everywhere I go, and anyone I see,
Tells me that I am not free and
Frequently let’s me down.

My feelings are precious and so are yours,
Yet I feel as if mine are more…
Some people call that selfish,
Some people call that absurd, yet who cares.
Life is generally the same for me.

I know sometimes I am absurd.
Why do I feel that way about people?
Liking is a liking, hating is a hating,
You can not change the liking
And certainly can’t change the hating.

These words can be cruel,
These words can be mean,
These words can have my feelings hurt.
I am who I am, but who the hell am I.
I am just an ordinary person like you and I.

The extraordinary is the almighty,
The one up way up there in the sky.
There are some people I seen and some people I know
Who claim that they are extraordinary as well.
Who knows what is in their heads that they feel that way,
Yet, I just know who I am, An aspie trying his best.

My life is precious and my feelings are set,
My emotions are real; I get sad, Iget mad, I get glad,
Just like anybody else that I met or set in this world.
So take me as I am, take me for who that is.
I may be gullible, I may be forgetful, but I never forget.

I love the people that even love me,
Even with those that hate me.
My feelings are real, oh yes they are,
I am who I am, and you can’t take that away.
So, accept me for that and never discredit me.

These feelings I have are real,
These feelings I have are sealed,
These messages I give are my feelings to you,
Whether you like it or not,
Or hate it so much.

I am who I am that’s all that I am.
I got to get going, I got to bail,
I have many things in the mail,
I am not going anywhere to far,
Just going to mail my mail.

I hope its been real,
I hope its beeninsightful,
I hope that may be I showed you
My feelings for people.
That is who I am.

You have your family, You have your friends,
You have the very things
that make it in this life.
Family comes first because they were the first,
Friends are the people that you met after that.

People leave your life every once in awhile, but it doesn’t
Ruin your day.People come, People go,
Just pass life on till the faithful day,
That faithful day where every body comes together.
Coming together and celebrating together in the kingdom of g-d.

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