Listen, by JSR

Listen, Listen,
what do you get
when you listen?
Listen Up!
I have to listen
We all have to listen.
the skills that
come with time
as we hear what
people say to us.
Are we really listening?
Take your mind attached
to your ears and listen.
You may hear,
You may think so,
but are you listening.
A skill
that takes time
to flourish and get by.
A skill with conviction
and utter steel once
you just get it.
How many of us don’t listen,
but say we do?
all of us?
or some?
be careful, its all of us.
spin the bottle,
spin the dreidel,
spin the ears attached
to your mind.
what do you get?
a listening all around.
Listen why you work
not whistle while you work.
Take two minutes to try and listen
and breathe and work at the same time,
because one day you will teach another what
you learned in how to listen.
It takes time and time
takes long, but just remember
if you don’t you will
wind up as an old farty man or woman
who does not listen.out, J

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