Songs can express what you feel but not as much as a poem that I write, so I know the anticipation of Aspergia Greets episode, here it is another poem by me…


by Jason S. Ross

Looking through the glass
I see my reflection,
Looking from behind
was the love of my life
that is now left empty,
I remember the person
so deeply and intensely
that I can not take
anymore out of me.
This person was
unique in all shapes and
sizes, this person was
always there when I
felt lonely and depressed.
This person was there
when I felt things
were rough even
when said or not.
The spirit lies within me,
even though the person is not.
This person could be
many different people all in one,
since they all have been one or another
in the continuous living years of me.
Some have passed away either to
heaven or to another land on Earth,
but someday I wish to see these
people once again either
after I am old and grey or…
Feelings are natural
and come a long way,
Feelings are the way
from this life to
help us show affection
towards another.
Whether through a person
or through a animal that
you cared for. Things are
natural in life that come
and go in our lives.
A hero is a mentor
that lies within you
that is a blessing to show
what all these people
have done for you.
What has done for you
is the greatest nature
has to offer, giving you
more life to live and
more feelings of confidence.
Once there lived a woman
so gentle and kind
she helped someone fill
up his spine.  His dream
came true and so did hers,
but so did the fact that
love came too.
or so they thought?
An angel only comes
once in a lifetime
and only at the time
of greatest need where
a person needs to prove
himself to the rest of the
world that he is the
great just like anyone else
and willing and able to fulfill his
dreams. This angel
came to this person to transpose
life to this man and give this man
the gift he so deserved and to help
him prove to the world what
his life is all about,
being a part of the helping of
others whether in sickness of people
or in people that need the help that
he so needed himself to become great.
Life is a journey
and that journey
makes people slide up or down,
the journey of our soul riding
on people till we can hold
on ourselves. Dreams
do come true, they come true
all the time even for me,
but the fact of the matter is
let those dreams in and come out
so that you will find the love
you so deeply deserve and
the passions you always wanted
to do for the greater good of
this earth and for the eternal one
far far away from here.
Preparation is important
in life and so is this natural
aspect of our desires,
To people that have prepared
and saw it coming and have
it say to yourselves like
I say to me “G-d Bless those
people and everything they stand for,
for the greater good of g-d is the greatest
love of all.”  Love is the angel deep
down in everyone of us, we just
don’t know it most of the time,
for people need to live their lives
thinking this and not searching for
their soul and just live their life.
Think of two words: the words that
mean something to you only and
you will find that love and passion
to keep you going and going till
your old and grey feeling that you
are the one that did so much
greatness in this world for yourself.
Think of these of these two
secret words for yourself
whenever you feel that
life is empty, because someday
yes someday as life always
knicks it to you, that emptiness
fills up when you least expect it.
In the meantime you have those
two words that mean something
to you as well as those spirits inside
that are left from the heroes or
mentors in your life.
Take life in your own hands
with the responsibility to
achieve extraordinary.out, J

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