Feel your feelings

Feel your Feelings,

by J.S.R.

Feel what you are,
Take the test
that carries you through
for that single test
will be an act of
whatever you may
or can do for
the rest of your life.
It may take time,
It may be long long way’s
away, or it may just be
that its just a click away.
But, time essentially
justifies what we can do
and will do with our lives.
Seek advice only
for desperate need
to use somebody.
There are riches of
people in the world
that consider advice
the purest and most
fundamental aspect
of our desires.

Once there was
a man who traveled
through the land.
He gave up his life
and his soul for
the advice of another
man, but this was
unreal and not
spoken about for

Just remember that
falling out of place
in this world
can be very strong
at times make
someone seem so
weak. Chambers of fire,
Chambers of light,
and Chambers of Sound
get through the night. There are differences
in this world and
these differences can
show us what can
lead us to euphoria
trying to make out
what we can get done.
What we can get done
drives others crazy
since we may want it
so badly that others
go crazy.

Find this out
and you will be the one
in charge with your life.
Find this out and you
will be the one who
will be the man (or woman)
you want to become.
Find this out and
check all your lists
for things to get done,
because these aspects
of our desires will
get done.

Knowledge is the  Power for ourselves to mature and beat out anyone who we feel thinks is better than us.

out, J

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One thought on “Feel your feelings

  1. Ann

    Hey Jason,
    I’m a big fan of your blog. I love the polls — it’s great to have something to do at work. Why don’t you ever discuss the results of the polls, after everyone’s voted? It would be cool to hear your thoughts on them, too…just an idea.
    PS: The ‘Feel Your Feelings’ poem was awesome.