Poking Fun

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

its fun being in harmony
with you.
NOT just kidding that was not a poem…
Anyway, here it is…

Poking Fun,

by J.S.R.

You may say words
to someone like
your gay or fray,
but you may not
realize the things
you say that
can offend people.
Take time out
to seek out what
feelings are
in your heart
to say.
Don’t have trouble
living another life,
or lie about yourself.
Whoever that you
call a name out to
could really be
what you truly
feel about yourself,
So the trouble can
be avoided if
you accept and
not disaccept
everything about yourself
Travel through to work
thinking about this set
of words and wonder
am I who I say I am?
I am who I am,
and I know who I
am, I am none
of those words
that you find funny
and I am the man
that is greater than
you.Hope you enjoy,

out, J

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