by Jason S. Ross

Deep in the heart of the woods,
lies a beautiful woman like you,
I found you,
I saw you,
but can I have you.
I see rings on your fingers,
I see the writing on the wall
yet I can’t have you
or is that so.
Rings can represent many things
One it can represent a union
with another man,
two it can represent
the feeling of lonliness which
makes her feel more special.
Yet in these woods lies
this woman who
seen me before
but how and when and where?

A few minutes later,
I see her still so beautiful
and charming with her
dark skin, her dark hair,
and her eyes just like mine
the brown like the soil in the earth.
She whispers in my ear a message
for me to hear, Live your life,
Live your dreams, in this dream
of yours you may think that
you may not see me or that
you may be hoping,
but when you awake
you will awake to a
beautiful bright day.

When I awoke
the next morning
I did see a bright
and beautiful day
just like she told me
in my dreams.
I got up, got myself together
for the next day
and hurried outside
to get to work on time.
After a long hard day
at work, I saw this
woman in reality that
was in my dreams,
she waited for me as I walked
outside of work. she ran
up to me and gave me a
kiss saying I knew this
was all true.

Think of life
as a remarkable
surprise that anything
can happen, and it will.
When you meet someone
don’t think about what kind
of person you are meeting
just that you are meeting someone
who one day can be wonderful
and charming just like anybody

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