Land over time over heaven

Land over Time over Heaven

by Jason Ross

I know time.
Time is the essence of our desires.
Time changes over periods of seconds
that turn into minutes, hours, days, even years.
Changes occur over time that seperate
the men from the boys,
the women from the girls.
People may cry, People may weep,
People may feel so desperate like the
little boy or girl inside of them.
You or I go on to our seperate but equal lives.
You and I may feel the patterns of change in our lives.
You and I have different lands that we live on.
But, each land that we live on and each breath of
air that we breathe is the the winds of our soul
remembering who you and I are.
You have a family now with happiness and love.
I have my life now that I’m building up,
which someday just someday will be even
greater than it is today.  Life falls underneath
many different aspects of our soul, that
seek our desires of what we truly want.
What we truly want is the love and affection that
eternal one has given for us to love the one
that gives us that feeling of completeness
and filling up our mind with only thoughts of that
person that completes us.  You have seemed to find
that person which,
gratifies everyone all around including the
one up there.
Take your life now, Take it and don’t let go.
For the one up there is the one that is
gratified and given you the mitzvah of life.
Take it or leave it, but never just leave it.
Feel who you are and feel the fact that
you are wonderful and great.  For a true
great hero has the greatest love inside of them.
Remember who you are, Remember where you came from,
But, don’t let anyone not just anyone convince you that
your desires are wrong, that is what you taught me and
I recite back to you.
Love is an endless story that begins with a frame and canvas
or better yet a body with a single tube heart,
forming four chambered heart that keeps on going and going
till it reaches the pinnacle and transforms into heaven.
Knowing ourselves and knowing the pinnacle of our transformation
into the kingdom of heaven just tells a story of what
life brings true to anyone.  Life may end on Earth, but
Life will never end since the conservation of matter and energy
neither can be created nor destroyed.
Its always there no matter what.
Every time you breathe in air,
Every time you see yourself in the mirror,
Every time you find yourself discovering new things and rediscovering
old history, just remember the one up there and the heavens above…
Because someday just someday it will all come back, when you are old
and grey, thinking about what’ve you done and how you attributed
to the world to come.

(this poem is for my friend in Puerto Rico who has her husband and family now that she dearly loves and I am gratified to know that she hopefully will be happy for the rest of her life)

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