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Please use the contact form if you’d like to contact me with suggestions about additional postings on this site…


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One thought on “Please use the contact form

  1. Andrew

    Hi Jason,

    I work with Brandon. He is fun to sit next to except when he doesn’t wear deodorant.

    I have a couple of suggestions for polls and stories. One, the missing girl in Portugal whose parents went out to dinner and left her alone sleeping in their hotel room. Can you do a poll of whether its ok to leave children under 5yrs old alone while you go out to dinner. Story is below.

    2. Can you please do a movie review of Grandma’s Boy. the next time this movie will be on is on May 24 at 4:10am on HBO2 (might want to Tivo it).

    3. Can you also do a poll about what the maximum age difference in a relationship or if 18 year olds should be considered minors in the eys of the law.

    Thank you.