Pan’s Labyrinth

Pan’s Labyrinth was a fantastic movie.  It took place in the World War II era in Spain.  A little girl and her mother are boarding at a fort house somewhere in the middle of spain with her stepfather or the captain of the army.  The little girl is in to fantasy and discovers a whole new fantasy world outside of the reality of the war.  the girl sees a fairy that guides her into the secret fantasy world throughout the movie which leads her into a maze.  That’s when she discovers that she is a princess and her dad is the king of the fantasy underworld.   She has to unravel three tasks in order to pass her test to become the princess of her fate.  The tasks are dangerous and she sees many exotic creatures and things in order to see her father the king again.  Its an adventure that truly amazes me that she can finally envision seeing her father who had died years before.  I highly recommend people to see this movie the cinematography was excellent and the quality of the acting was great.

Next up my next movie to see, Children of Men directed by Alfonso Cuaron.

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