New Adventures of Aspergia Greets Episode 15

Natalia and Steel walk through the doors of aspergia to the gateway through other lands to head back to ask F and K if they would do something for them by becoming the dragons they once were and flying over to the crater where the unknown star fell.

The gateway is very dark this time around and extremely quiet so quiet that you can hear noises of screetching from their feet and a feeling of uncertainty.

People in Aspergia have a life that is very relaxing and less stressful than anyone else. It is a land of people that try and live their life in a different ways than other lands. It is why the Great Aspergian and his lovely Latin woman that he met on his journey went through the journey and to be so seperate from anyone else.

Unfortunately they had died and so did their unborn baby in major vascular complications and the heart as well.

Natalia truly feels deep down inside that this quest to the unknown star will lead her directly to her friend the great aspergian and his wife and baby.

The door to the land of latin was somehow left open coincidentally and as Natalia and Steel begin to look before entering K pushes them both through the door. then F is seen in the midst of the sky flying like a dragon and then K turns in to the dragon as well. As K turns in to his dragon layers, K yells out “We saw it too, let’s go and get them back.”

And so Steel and Natalia jump on the dragons and the flying begins to the next episode of Aspergia Greets… toward the swampy area of Aspergia to find out what it was all about.

At the same time that they are flying on the dragons, many aspergians and other land people are questing over to the comet/star itself.

The lands from Aspergia, English, and Africa are on there way to say a few. Before they get there to the unknown comet/meteor/star itself there might be nothing because of the hype of what happened. There is also an unknown person looking that you shall find about later.

To be continued…

out, J

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