New Adventures of Aspergia Greets Episode 17

Here it is finally, the episode that everyone is waiting for…

Read this from Shalom Rav first:

Give us peace, all through the land
All the world is in Your hand
We are all one family
Hear our prayer, give us peace!

Drazin = Done Right at zoning in nature
The land was dark and the night was silent. The only lit up in the sky was the force field that stood the great aspergian and his child playing a game while the wife was cooking something and sewing some kind of cloth into a big clothing. Every one was sleeping waiting for the next day, except for one other person Natalia who was wondering what her and Steel were doing at this moment trying to find their friends again. She was wondering what would make her want to see her friends once again, and the answer to that is closure.

Closure is very important and the most important part about it is good closure. Natalia and Steel never got the chance to say goodbye to their friends. Yet, something big is about to happen or so to speak.

Souls are connected somehow and Great Aspergian, Latin Woman wife, Natalia, and Steel are some how very connected and complete a whole soul. Its interesting to say this, but its true. Anything could have happened, but there was a reason why the Great Aspergian met his wife and why Natalia became closer to Steel marrying eachother.

The keyhole that needs the key to fit to open up the forcefield will open up soon and when it does the most intense sense of beauty will appear so intensely and so revering.

Natalia looks at her husband Steel now, and he is sleeping while snoring. Natalia can’t sleep, but to think about tomorrow and what that will bring.

The only problem that is occuring is the dangers that lie ahead while on this pirate ship. In the meantime, F and K are sleeping too, but suddenly K wakes up screaming for Ela. He had the worst nightmare ever sweating. Natalia goes over to him asking if anything is the matter. He tells her that he dreamt a dream about how Ela was being attacked by a Chupacabra, YIKES!

Anyway, the next morning, the two spanish pirates and their gang push open the door marching into the room telling F and K to get up and go to the bathroom while they talk to Natalia and Steel.

They don’t get up right away, but then as being whipped they jump up and move their butts over to the bathroom together.

The talk is about how the pirates found out that Natalia and Steel know about the meteor because they are somehow connected to it. They want to use Natalia and Steel to get whatever is there and bring to the museums to gain money for it. F jumps out of the bathroom with K too yelling “Don’t you touch them, you ain’t getting nothing anyone especially what is beyond that forcefield and what is likely to be money for you. You have to learn to appreciate everything, YOU stupid pirates.”

the one with mustache answers first, “oh yeah, you going to try me suckers, take a load of this…”

And the pirates pumped farting gas in their faces getting F and K to lose their senses and jump in to the water. Once they got in to the water, Steel jumps out after them tugging them back to land. Natalia is left with the pirates.

Not until Natalia figures out the vulnerability she needs from them, a way out. The way out was that she saw both pirates’ nostalgia and ran in their room took a baseball bat from their room and she ran inside the room, took the bat and wacked the one pirate that seemed to be different than the other. This caused a whole commotion and the two pirates seeking something because the one pirate was revealed as a woman. The woman fell over after being struck and the other pirate yells “Hey, this is not good, Get out of here, you just hit my wife.” Natalia says “Get over it, next you you want to take life by the horns and push me and my husband again, you both will be horribly punished more.” Natalia runs out jumps into the water and the pirate husband and wife are totally immersed in each other trying to chase after Natalia, instead does not.  Instead they realize that Natalia and Steel were their best friends from younghood and they were teasing them because they were really jealous.

So, Natalia runs out jumps in to the water and swims back to land before getting to land she was being chased by a crocodile.

By this time it is light out and time is running out. So, F and K turn back into dragons flying Natalia and Steel back to the forcefield where they intended to go anyhow.

When they get in to the zone where the force field, everyone in the lands all over, are trying to do whatever it takes to knock the forcefield off, but as soon as Natalia comes over. The Great Aspergian, his wife, and child see them through the field and run over to them.

The great aspergian says to Natalia, “The key, get the key, time is running out…”

Natalia yells back she doesn’t know where to look.

The child says “the key is your heart.”

So, Natalia moves her body in place where a key would be and as the force field is opening up a huge light emerses all over getting everyone from all the lands to kneel.

Natalia and Steel see the Great Aspergian, His wife, and child. They all look in eachother’s eyes and light emerses through them. They fall upwards to the sky as the five of them do to the heavens above. Stars form in front of their eyes that respresent themselves while they return back to the land of Aspergia.

Natalia and Steel are back and all of sudden die instantly. The stars form brighter and brighter somehow more connected than anything else in the universe. It is four souls coming together in the heavens.

Five Years later,

Sveny is at home and tells the story to his 5 year old son about how the Great Aspergian and his wife and child and friends became a soul. He tells of the stars formation up in the sky that represent those people that once lived here as his wife Britannica cooks dinner and smells up the house with wonderful food.

Not once does he tell the son that that was part of family.

The son looks similiar to how the great aspergian appeared alive once on this Earth. He had his hair so bright and his eyes so dark. Anyway, as the story ends now stories never really end anyhow. This notion of the respecting of people and knowing that anything is possible whenever you want a dream to come true. Take for instance your life rather than this fictional story, This life is so great and so amazing when you can do whatever your heart desires as I do myself.

Take it easy and hope that you enjoyed the story,


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