my dogs Abby and Chloe

I will be putting pictures of Abby and Chloe, my dogs on the web soon.

They are maltese dogs, white long coats of hair. So, be prepared to see what these dogs look like.

Abby is 16 and chloe is 6.  Chloe is a very smart and manipulative dog that tries to get what she wants when she wants it. Abby is very old geriatric dog that is living her last days.

out, J

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5 thoughts on “my dogs Abby and Chloe

  1. new orleans girls

    yo jason all my friends here in new orleans LOVE the site

    we are having fun

    we wish your bro brandon wood be better accepting of his jewish roots. you set a good example for him

    keep fighting the good fight


  2. CR


    Can you give us some recent examples of Chloe acting manipulative? How does she manipulative Abby? How does she manipulative Rick and Lois?

    Enjoying the blog,