My 28th birthday…

Today is my birthday everyone and I just like to tell you that one year older just means exactly that, 1 year older. Hopefully during the 28+ year of my life things turn for the better for me rather than the opposite.  Before the age of 28 things were were not better, things were turning from bad to eh to so-so and hopefully this year turns to great for me.

My life up until this point has been a roller coaster and I guess that is the way life is going to be always.   But, I assume that some of the bads happened because I caused my own problems without realizing it until I was told that it was.

Today is also a work day for me which is the first time that happened on my birthday. So, I hope all goes well on the workfront.

Here is a poem I just wrote:

Birthday loves happen only once in a lifetime…

I once knew a man who had a birthday.

He said it was the day of happiness.

I asked him “why?”

He said “I am 50 years old and I finally have what everyone else has.”

“And what is that I may ask?” I said

He said “Well, I’ll tell you in this song I wrote.”

“NO, tell me now.” I said

“Well, Okay, I met the woman of my dreams today that  I never thought would happen.”

I say “Oh yeah, what did she look like?”

He said “Well, she …”

(here is the poem/song) Play what ever tune is on your mind:

Her name was Velda, with those beautiful green eyes and that dark skin.

She lights up my life, she brings me joy and happiness, she gives me insight in to my life,

oh, Velda, Oh Velda…

I love my Velda
(now I am thinking as I am listening to this person, wow he must be in love)

Its a beautiful day cause I am with my Oh Velda, Velda the most beautiful …

(then he starts to sing a familar tune)

Something tHat I want to say, but sometimes words get in the way,  I just want to show my true love for you.  nothing that I want to do, then to spend every moment with you… You are my lady, You’re everything I  need to know… You’re all I am living for…

(I try to remember all the words but its hard)

I’m you’re precious gift.

You are my lady!

Let’s make it last, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, until the end of time… (music wow this guys in love)

You are my lady, you’re everything I need the most.  You are my lady.

sing it with this guy now and play this song wherever you are.

Then I found out the song is by Freddie Jackson called You are my lady.

It must be interesting for a guy to fall in love with a woman that they feel so encased with love that the guy sings You are my lady by Freddie Jackson.

anyway, I don’t know if that will happen to me someday, but you never know just like what happened to this guy I knew.

speak of the truth, now, I really need to post something else,

out, J

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