moving on and accepting changes

I think it is very important to move on and accept changes in life. Not only is it very important in life but also in the job especially when I work in a field that requires being fast and doing fast. Echocardiography is about doing fast and being fast and moving on from things and letting it be. If you can’t get something and you have a few patients behind you, you move on to till you’re done and go on to the next patient.  This is not necessarily mean that its a factory.  Not every one in every situation is going to be perfect with every view as perfect and complete. We would like that and even love that to the point that it would be fantastic. But, it can’t happen like that.

So, what do we do, We MOVE ON so that we can see other patients and try to help out other patients.

They’ll be tough studies and they’ll make the easy studies look really really easy.

Why not move on then, its just a part of life and its like what other people say, just let it be.

Moving on is the only way to grow and be better. Once we get stuck is when we get all swallowed up by the sea monsters and then where does that leave us.  This is what people have been saying to me all the time because they want me to do this. do you agree?

Anyway, we have to go and move on now and do the things we need to do today, post later on,

out, J

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