Mets season arrival

If and when Pedro Martinez comes back, How many starts will pedro make this season? Will the mets make the post season? How many stolen bases will Jose Jose Reyes will steal? How many homers will Wright, Beltran, Delegado, and Alou hit? Will Oliver Perez shine even more than the post season? Who will be the second baseman the great Anderson Hernandez from the winter leagues or Jose Valentin? Will Shawn Green be good enough?

How about the catcher Paul LoDuca? Or how about the tom glavine, john maine, and/or one of the rookies?

No one can predict what will happen, but gut feeling is that if the starting pitching isn’t good enough, then the relief pitchers are going to get worn out by time postseason comes around.  Unless you are dealing with robots that don’t wear down and just keep on going and going and going.  Anyway, the mets have a good chance at a winning season.  Will see what happens during the season if the mets can pass through the postseason with flying colors.

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