Loving my Asperger Syndrome

MTV true life about autism was pretty good tonight.  I enjoyed the episode.  I enjoy my asperger syndrome most of the time especially when things are positive around me. I feel that thinking positive will do that, but I would like to add one thing to thinking positive, the people around you have to positive for you too.  If that doesn’t occur, how else are positive things going to happen.  I am crossing my fingers that a very positive thing happens for me this week that is supposed to happen from someone I know.  I will not tell anybody about it until it happens.  I shouldn’t open my presents before I even have it.

Anyway, Elijah, Jeremy, and Jonathan were great on the show tonight and they showed immense courage in what MTV showed them doing. Elijah being a comic in las vegas, Jeremy making strides in friendship and have a party, and Jonathan showing his art in new york city.

My art lies in writing poetry and stories, with drawings I make also.   Asperger syndrome is not really a syndrome at all, its just like another culture of people that people need to accept.

Anyway, just wanted to say that writing this website which hopefully will get very impressive, will create positive attitudes.

adios mis amigos,

out, J

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