Aspergia Greets – Episode 1

This is a series show on DMC about Aspergians the land of people with Asperger Syndrome. I walk through the valleys to meet and greet the different lands of people other than Aspergia to find out what other people are like. Aspergia greets is a show that will continually be on DMC’s website. Sit back, relax and read the episodes as they come. Some will see action and adventure, some just comedy, and some just a moment of learning other cultures and sometimes just sometimes we will go back to certain episodes…

Aspergia Greets…

Aspergia greets the doors of latin episode I.

My land of Aspergia is busy with their lives and so I will do the thing I want to do as I decide to check out the lands of others in this universe. I enter on my ship and float away to another land. when I see something that looks interesting. I hear two people wondering about my ship. I jump off the ship and see a door. I begin to go near the door and open it up.

Here I am opening the doors of latin as that is what the sign says on the door.

J: Ah, this seems really nice and cozy here.

Then, two men walk up to me, one with a mustache and one short fat dude.

F and K: What brings you to this neck of the woods? I see you are lost or something. Let’s show you around if you don’t mind.

J: Well, where am I?

F: By all means, you have just entered the door of latin.

K: What would you like to see first?

J: Show me your land and the people around.

So, they walk down from the door of latin, and see lot’s of people in their homes on and around a beach. they enter into a small house and we meet a few people.

A: Hola.

F: Hey, he don’t speak the language.

A: Hello. do you want a cup of tea and food? I am starving also and want to show you how I cook. did the guys tell you that I am a great cook.

J: By all means, yes.

K: What?

A: Are you two hungry as well? I am making some scrumptous food for y’all.

F and K together: Sure.

G walks in: What’s going on in here? I smell food. Is this a feast? I didn’t realize it was a holiday.

A: NO, its just company.

F and K together: Yeah, somebody walked through the door and we want to show him the around.

G: be nice to this man and please don’t do what happened to the last one that walked through.

F and K: Oh, no, he is from the land of Aspergia.

G: oh, where is aspergia? never heard of it.

J: Its just a small land area just 1,000 miles west from here. I left there to go on a journey to meet and greet other lands. This is my first stop.


G walks out.

A: The food is ready. Come and get it.

The table is filled with lot’s of food. Many different types just melts in your mouth not in your hands like fried plantains and other cooked fruits, rice, chicken, pork, black beans, and for dessert a huge portion of Flan.

A, F, K, J, and a few other people join them on a nice dinner out.

Here is the dinner scene conversation.

A: so, what is Aspergia like?

J: Well, the land is very beautiful, not like this is not bea–

K: Hahem, hahahaha, what a lame duck?

A: Ah, excuse me but our guest is talking. Go on guest.

J: So, not like this is not beautiful, but our land is filled with much water surrounding our land, and we have many tall buildings that house are technologies and government officials.

A: What kind of technologies do you have?

J: Well, first off the technologies are similiar to the iphone only better, everything is computerized, and our health facilities quite different from medical facilities in this area.

A: what do you mean?

J: Well—-

K and F: Hahahahahaha, this is a joke. How can medical facilities be different from us?

J: Well, if you let me speak, not to many aspergians get sick until very old age, so we don’t need many doctors. We experience the world differently.

K and F: OMG, hahahahhahaha…

A: Stop it, may be we can learn from this. go on guest.

J: well, do preventative medicine at birth in order to prevent illness.

K and F and A: how is that different from us you have not seen our medical facilities?

J: true, but I have seen many pictures and read stories from a far about all the nations and that is why I am here today. I am curious what makes us different.

A: What makes us different is that we are all unique finite beings that reproduce and create other unique finite beings. We are creatures of habit.

J: hmmmmm, so you believe that there is no g-d.

A: no, I didn’t say that. We are finite beings who believe in the lord jesus christ.

J: wait, isn’t there many different types of people that believe in different religions.

A: oh no, right, that is what us three believe in, but yes there are many other different religions.

J: isn’t there only one faith though? why are people so inclined to see the faith differently and not so much believe in the same…

G jumps in…

G: that is because people interpret faith differently, but essentially have the same rules written down differently.

J: so, it was nice have dinner with everyone but it seems that my tour guides are getting tired so I guess I should be going.

K and F both sleeping and suddenly wake up from a snore: What? Oh yeah, lot’s to see and many places to go.

A: Well guest, this is it, hope you had a great meal and oops, my husband just got back from work, you should meet him.

husband: oh, we have guests.

A: yes, these 2 brought us guests and now we are going to say goodbye because the guest has to go back on his journey to other lands.

F, K, and J leave and decide to walk up a hill that winds up being a trap door.

Luckily though the trap door was where they were headed. The door led to a comedy club that K and F always do their show at.

J is in the middle of the show.

Annoucer: Here they are the Superstars of comedy with a guest from A-S-P-E-R-G-I-A?

K: oh yes, that is our guest, and he is here to observe and learn our culture.

F: Yes this is our grand ole finale show with the guest of honor.

F and K: He just had our food with our finest chef and now he is wondering what is next.

J: What is next?

K and F: our magic act.

Everyone except J: 1, 2, 3 …

And J winds up in the studio with the magic cape.

F: What would you do with that cape, sir?

J: I will turn you into a dragon.

K: ah, and what about me?

J: I will turn you into a pig, oink oink.

F goes and breathes fire and K goes oink oink.

Aspergia GREETS becomes the new title of the show says the annoucer…

then F and K turn back to themselves.

J: So, how does it feel?

F and K: HUH, what do you mean?

J: How does it feel to be different?

F and K: UM, it feels different, weird, I guess. why did you do that?

J: I wanted to show you both, my new friends, what its like to be different because Aspergia is a different kind of a place than you ever seen before and at Aspergia we look the same but feel different then you. So, how did it feel?

F: It felt like a hot tamale.

K: I felt like you just insulted me.

J: huh, I just waved the cape and then that appeared because that is what I was thinking.

K: well, I guess its alright because its over. oink.

J: uh, oh.

K: just kidding I just was playing with your head. the pig is gone from me.

J: Actually, (and the magic cape goes over them again), poof… you’re both dragons now.

Two Fire breathing dragons on stage blowing steam…

And here comes there wings flying out to fly away as J rides one.

So, as episode I ends, Aspergia greets meets a new set of people in episode II, and the tour guides will continue throughout episode II as they meet JS and AM.

Hope you enjoyed the episode…

out, J

PS Comment if you’d like to know what names you want my characters to have…

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