Living with attitude, a positive attitude

 There are so many ways for a person to live. You can live from anywhere from a few hours to a few days to  a few years to even longer and longer years.  Just take a look at the positive perspectives on life and good will happen.  Just take a look at my grandma because she turns 86 years old today after a whole previous messy year filled with stroke.  Take a look at animals which its easier to look at lower animals in the whole mix of the thing.

Dogs are the closest animal friend that people have but who says we can not be friends with all animals even the ones most people think are vicious creatures. Vicious creatures are just misunderstood. Yet the only animals I don’t like are BATS, for that matter the rodent family is very very dirty when they are not in labs.

Sometimes to understand other animals, you have look deep inside and stand in their shoes.  Its almost like people with asperger syndrome like myself.  Us aspies are very misunderstood and mostly want to be accepted and life focused.  Sometimes you got to put things into perspective and know that when any animal is different from the other animals things go badly. The different animal who is misunderstood does stuff outrageous and obscure.  That doesn’t mean though that you can tell that animal who is different and doing outrageous things that the animal has to be isolated from his/her peers.

Animals of all kinds like humans, dogs, cats, fish, birds, rodents, … are all in dire need of acceptance into this world. Rabies is like a drug that animals take  to escape from the real world like when humans take drugs or use alcohol or smoke for escape.

So, take a little heart out trying to accept animals of all kinds, by not yelling or kicking them out. You can ignore them, but at least smile at them, you’ll see that they might smile back.  This is a metaphor because it happens to people on the spectrum a lot like me.

Has anyone ever seen a paraplegic dog, cat, or any other type of animal? That is what I am talking about.

I know that people have lives and that not every one can see every one they know and talk and talk and do things with. But, if you see someone you know, smile at least.

Anyway, gotta get going, I will post later on,



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  1. new orleans girls that like to party

    great post, but bats don’t have shoes. you should still give them a chance anyway. the love is too strong. we hear that your brother brandon is misunderstood and obscure.

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