Let’s go Mets!

Finally Tommy Glavine the Glavinator has come back to form. Thank goodness!   He almost pitched a shutout. I still worried about the mets and their shakey season.  Especially the starting pitching.  May be now that Rickey Henderson is working with Jose Jose Reyes, things will turn up the heat again. May be that started last night versus the Atheletics.   PIAZZA came back to Shea in an A’s Uniform last night and for the rest of the weekend. Is he on the DL though? If he is, this could be his last season. 

Jose Reyes is the most exciting dynamic player in the game.  Some say that Pedro won’t be the same old self before as he is now, and that he will not have velocity so he needs to use different pitches to get outs. Its not like he had Tommy John Surgery, he had Rotator Cuff Surgery.  That is tough, but he is a tough cookie and he could put his mind to anything, right Pedro. Go the distance Pedro….

Anyway, gotta get going…

out, J

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