It’s a small world after all

It is definitely a small world after all and I will tell you why.  We are all connected on this planet no matter what anyone else thinks, that is why we shall not limit ourselves to our own culture and flock to everyone.  When looking for a girlfriend, you must not limit yourself to just your own people and culture either.

Remember the song from Disney It’s a small world after all.  Who sung it anyways.  It was a great song way back then and even now. It also has a lot of morals to it.  Lot’s of Disney and Looney Tunes have morals to it.  Even other cartoons have morals to it.

Listen to that song It’s a small world after all and comment on what you think about the lyrics and what it means.

Feel who you are and feel who you can become, don’t leave any person out of your sight even if they are not in your culture because different cultures can be where you find the one will love for the rest of your life.

Take your life, take your strength, take all yourself and move in to this world with utter ways to different cultures learning and discovering new things, new languages, and feelings for other people.

You will love and if you limit yourself, you limit your way of life in utter love.

Don’t take life for granted!

Anyway, posting something else now,

Remember that about life,

out, J

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