It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks…

People have specific talents in certain areas. Matt Drazin has talent in web design which is his passion, I have talent in other areas like writing, and together with every one’s talents they can make a masterpiece.   The making of a masterpiece is very important.  I have a few masterpieces in the making: 1) this website 2) to get better at what I do when performing my studies.   There are certain people out there and it doesn’t matter what field they are in, feel that they are at the pinnacle of their creation and can not achieve better because there is no better than what they are. That is outright false and distorted thinking.  There is always room to improve yourself in what you do for your masterpiece in the making.

You start out in your field thinking this and others wonder to themselve is this guy that good or better than me? Wow, I have been in this field for how many years and this guy thinks he is better than me.

That is why I like George and I interviewed him for this website.  Even though he has done so much in his field, he is so willing to know so much more and beyond that.

The next surprise Interview comes pretty soon, when I interview someone else and it is not my grandma if anyone was thinking. It may come very shortly because it is a doctor that I once knew that is very smart and remarkable in how much he learns and achieves…

out, J

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