Hello people out there in the world. My name is J &  thanks to a great supporter this is the start of a beautiful webpage of my own. I am a specialized ultrasonographer in cardio and vascular systems. many of you may have known me from my previous blog on  Hence, i will be updating on this webpage for now on. Expect to see many new and interesting things such as reviews from movies, sports I attend, music;  I will be posting any general ideas about life and things going on in the world. I will update things on many aspects of issues that come up in life.  I will inform people about autism too. comment if you wish and please no cursing, spitting, or gossiping. Thank you and enjoy my blog.

Drive mom crazy is about how sons and daughters drive mom crazy especially when things happen and you want to talk and talk and talk not letting anything go. Its a metaphor for what goes on in families.

peace be with you


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