Interesting observations Part II

When the going gets tough, the tough sometimes get tougher…

anyway, life is tough especially when you can not express your feelings to loved ones and friends about how you feel about something. For instance, Life is like a box of chocalates, you never know what you are going to get, really.

Life is also a big sand dune, you climb up a big sand dune to get to the top and you slip and slide till you feel that rock to sit on for a moment till one day you see the rock at the end that reaches your goal.

That considering, observation Part II, Don’t do something because your parents want you to do it, DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO IN LIFE. Parents may get upset, but you have to do it anyway.  Even when it choosing between two different paths, the path of passion or the path of instant money maker.

anyway, posting soon after this,

out, J

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