Improvisation is very good for the mind

Tonight I did improvisation with friends through the SportzComedy, Inc.  in new york city. It was fun and exciting.  I enjoyed myself very much.  Improv is very good for the mind because it helps people think on the feet going by the first thing that comes to their minds.  Especially people who have problems with confidence and developing the brain so that one learns to act on their instincts not afraid to be made fun of. There were many imrov games played and I participated in them.  Think like this, what is the first thing that comes to your mind before you talk. Please, don’t be afraid, it might just be funny.

comments are welcome for improvisation on this website so don’t be afraid to comment. I will post them if they are appropriate enough to be shown.

anyway, I am a bit tired and I have a lot going on tomorrow to do for myself.

goodnight, y’all.

out, J

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