Humans live until they die…

The human life is much more different than any other species lives especially the maltese dogs.  Humans have the ability to reason and to know when to  how to make their lives better.  You have many different types of human beings.  The two main types of humans are Neurotypicals and Autism Spectrumites.  Then that goes into smaller and smaller categories till it becomes you.  People say that Autims Spectrum Disorders is an epidemic, but if you say that then Neurotypicals is an epidemic too.  It just depends on your own perspective. Anyway, the reason why there are NT’s and Aspies in the world so that their will be acceptance and lending a helping hand in this world. What I do mean is that NT’s have their strength with much less anxiety while Aspies weakness is that we have much more anxiety than the rest of those NT’s.  Whenever I hear people say the word ‘Cure’ it bothers the heck out of me.

Autism Spectrumites, yes need to find a medication that can ease anxiety and allow to go with ease with the rest of the world.  How many times have you seen an Asperger person fall underneath the cracks or how many times have you seen an Asperger person have a meltdown.

Anxiety is a big factor on the whole spectrum, but especially with Asperger people like myself.

Life is not a bowl of cherries like one of my friends thinks it is.  Life is a lot and I mean a lot more than that.

The independecy clause that most asperger people like myself talk about all the time needs to be put in to action.  Its like this though, I know plenty of other asperger people that live with their parents far longer than they anticipate because it takes a long time for them to accept everything that independency requires.

First of all, You must except changes in life whether small or big or medium sized, next you must accept responsibilites, adapting to a way of life that is accepted.  For instance, there are many rules in life that are needing to be taken into account some more than others.

If you read Temple Grandin and Sean Barron’s book they explain this is greater detail, but temple grandin explains that life can be broken up in to categories and subcategories in your mind.

When someone says that asperger people are stubborn, it is the fact that when one light switch goes on the other light switch can not go on at the same time like with neurotypicals.

They say asperger people like myself need to be cured, eh, but I say that at a very early age asperger kids need to be taught and instilled in their big brains that the there are two things in life child and adult, you can only be a child once up until adolescence and then you must start acting like an adult slowly till you reach adulthood in college and you act that way for the rest of your life till you need dependency in seniorhood.

Life is about living until we die.  Let death come until we have lived life to the fullest and complete in seniorhood.

There are a few things in life, accepting and adapting to changes which is big, and the fact that we all make mistakes in life because its the only way to learn.

The cure in autism is just a facade that everyone is trying to think will help us aspies in the world.   Medicine can just do so much in this world and essentially once you do a good thing something bad also happens as well.  If there were a cure for autism, what about positive attributes of autism, what about that? what will happen to somebody who is a savant autistic person and all of a sudden can’t remember jack when they get cured. Or what happens when an aspie loses his smarts because his negative autistic traits were cured.

Every single time you do one thing in medicine, a opposite happens.

anyway, post later on,

out, J

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