The Unicorn

The Unicorn

by Jason Ross

It was a dry windy day
in a long deserted road
I have been wondering
wondering so much
what to say and do,
I see a man in the distance
one I was supposed to meet
today.  He thinks, he assumes
what I like, yet not supposing
what I dream about.
Now I see an eagle soaring in the wind
up ahead of both of us,
It lands just for some food and soars
back in the air.
Now I see a animal from far away,
It seems to be cautious and not moving
any bit closer.  It begins to slowly get closer
to the man I was supposed to meet,
seeking satisfaction and security.  the
animal had four legs and wings with a
single horn on top of its forehead.
It didn’t seem like anything he or I
have ever seen before. Instead of
knowing what to say or do, the decision
was to meet up closer to the animal of sort
and try to make connection.
The man I was supposed to meet begins
making that connection before me.
He suffered a bit, and began to quell over and
die without knowing that the animal
of shall we call a unicorn didn’t know that
the eagle landed once again and brought
him down.
I began to get closer and closer and the unicorn
runs toward me as I follow where the man was/is.
the unicorn gets his wings set and ready as I
notice the unicorn lets have a ride.
Soaring into the wind, up against the sky,
I see so many things I have never seen
before. The man who had died from
an eagle had been torched upon the sky
to the heavens and beyond wherever
he shall be.  The unicorn kept on flying
and flying till it reached a castle
so bright and mountainous.
I crept off the unicorn and landed my
two feet on the fertile ground.
I began to see my dreams right in
front of my eyes. I was in a lab coat
walking around as people greeted me
and saw my presence in the room.
Then, I saw the man who just so happened
to have died, and I had saved a life.
But, just as I saved a life, my heart began
to fade and fade…
the unicorn had taken me up and up to an
even greater castle then one even higher
than the other.  I saw the eternal one
who whispered in my ear just between me and him
and I soared back down to the ground where the
heavens ended and the earth was.
I got up, looked around, and saw what my future
awaits me, it was a great future yet it felt longer
from me than it did before. The man who seemed
to have saved was lying on the ground where the
eagle had … and he was gone.
A woman comes up to me with sparkles and
smiles so sad and happy at the same time
approaching me and then it had happened…
I awoke and now I am the person who needs to
achieve, the most genuine achievements that
I want to achieve.  Some so great, some even greater,
feel the love and the passion.

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