What do you do when every one around you no longer contacts you anymore?  What happened? What went wrong?

There are so many things that happen in this world why people stop contacting certain people or not.

It could be lot’s of reasons like people move away, busy lives, holiday time, … or many other reasons.  I think that there are certain things that happen, yet we still have to live.  People tell me that I need to continue to live and grow.  Especially since I am studying for a test that comes up in a few weeks.

May be after I pass in a few weeks or after the holidays people will contact me again.

It comes down to focusing on the idea of what people know is true, thinking about yourself and not stress over not knowing or understanding other people.  This whole world is about people in the Neurotypical World.  When you place an aspie like me in this world also you get a total mess of what to do because it is just not a natural skill for me and it is a new skill for me to learn.

Anyway, this is the truth what I as an Aspie needs to do: learn the new skill while in the meantime do what I know already balancing my life.

out, J

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