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<The day was ordinary like no other day, a couple was standing in the hospital as they were waiting to be seen by the doctor. The woman of the couple was sitting in a wheelchair with her stomach as big as a whale ready to burst. The man of the couple was yelling at the nurses in the hospital emergency room for his woman to be seen by a doctor. Then, that’s when it all began with the birth of a little baby girl from an unmarried Barcelonan couple. The baby was very thin, fragile, and had beautiful blue eyes as most babies do, but she had a glow that could have been the sun hitting as the sun was very bright that day shining through the glass window of the hospital room her mother gave birth in. The unmarried parents felt overjoyed and felt this was something the lord made, it did not last forever. 2 days later after 2 days of something the lord made ended because the mother and father had a huge fight and the father left the mother and the baby. Leaving her to be a illegitamate child. The mother is different and the baby not realizing anything wrong until the baby is hungry, thirsty,and needs her diaper changed. The mother feels all alone since the father left and becomes very depressed so the mother takes her baby to an orphanage in Madrid where she knows that the baby will get the needs she deserves. The mother says “goodbye my sweetheart Avrila.” And so Avrila enters the next phase of her life in a very short period of time at the orphanage in Madrid.

It didn’t take much time more when a couple from America came to Spain in the hopes of adopting a child from an orphanage. They didn’t realize that in about 8 months from now they were going to have a child of their own, so they embarked on their journey to Spain. As soon as they found the orphanage in Madrid that they communicated with back in America, they saw the babies there and as soon as they caught their eyes on Avrila, they felt something special with her by the glow in her eyes and what a beautiful baby she was so quiet and still.>

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