do people take life for granted?

People sometimes take life for granted and I suppose they also take love for granted too.   I know I take love for granted when I messed up specific relationships in my life from a couple of years back and beyond that,  and now people move on. Eh, what can you do!  We all make mistakes and I certainly do.   My friends right now, tell me that it is that woman’s loss not mine because I am a great person who everyone says is very handsome and wonderful all deep inside and out, and very intelligent.  One day I am going to meet that special someone woman in my life even though I so dearly loved that special woman that left me, and the new special someone woman in my life soon to be will be even better than the other one.  May be the other woman I so dearly loved will get jealous that she is not with me.   One thing I learned is that it doesn’t matter what culture the woman you fall in love with is because once you are in love, that’s it, YOU’RE IN LOVE! And there is no stopping at that from falling in love… Many people especially grandma’s and mother’s can try and convince you to only stay within your own, but that is not right because you are only limiting yourself to certain women.

So, Take life, take your life and marry the woman you fall in love with not caring what culture she is from.

That is what I learned from love…

out, J

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