Chloe the smart little dog

Chloe likes to manipulate every one in her own little way.  First, she pretends she can not jump up on the couch so someone will lift her up for her. Next, she will only want to eat Abby’s kidney failure food first and not the regular food first. Then, she will sneak into the garbages and pull out all the dirty mucus infested tissues that she eats up and spits the rest of the tissue on the floor so that we have to one by one pick up the rest of the spit up tissue.  She will also manipulate by peeing or crapping on the floor by staring you in the face similiar to what snuffy does.  She likes to sneak into the living room and crap and pee on the wool matt embedded in the carpet. When she doens’t get her way, she barks and barks till she does.

One thing though, she looks out for Abby because when Abby is in trouble, she takes her time out to alert that Abby the geriatric is in trouble.

Other stories to come about chloe.

out, J

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5 thoughts on “Chloe the smart little dog

  1. brandoN

    yo jason. jim is weird. i am unsure if he likes DMC as much as eric grossman and i do. do you know what i mean? anyway, i’m unsure what jim told you, but i started this group here called ‘aspen for aspies.’ the first meeting is going to be here at jim’s apartment tomorrow night at 730pm. eric grossman and i are making hors d’ouevers. so far we have a few people who say they will come, including a couple of girls. it is going to be awesome, i can’t wait.

    talk to you later,

  2. jimraras

    hey jason-

    your brother brandon is here in aspen visiting me and he has been pretty mean sometimes. does he ever get really mean for no reason when he’s with you. i like him as a person but he makes it very difficult to get along with him sometimes, do you know what i mean. he says he started a group here called ‘aspen for aspies.’ do you think that’s funny? i only will if you do. brandon is freaking out, i have to go now. eric grossman just tried to make brandon take pills.

    later, jim

  3. Scott

    Is Snuffy in Heaven with Jerry?

    How old is Chloe? shouldn’t she be toilet trained by now?

    Who was younger when they were toilet trained Eric or Brandon or Abbey?

  4. eric and his new orleans chicks that want to party

    oh and another thing, the photo of the guy contemplating jumping onto the subway tracks is very upsetting and not indicative of the upbeat tone you maintain throughout the blog. is that a pic of CR?
    do you sometimes wish CR would jump onto the tracks? i know that sometimes i do. is that bad?


  5. eric and his new orleans chicks that want to party

    yo jason, we were all just checking out the page and we were confused by your poll ? b/c how can you ask us to comment in a poll ? where there isn’t a comment field? this is very upsetting. i had a bunch of people that wanted to comment on this question but since there was no field in which to enter a comment, we all just gave up. please fix this.