chloe the maltese dog

I have not posted in a while because I have been studying for the long anticipated Echo physics exam.  Which is done and passed. YEY! thank g-d for that.

Anyway, I really have to pay attention to Chloe the maltese dog more often than not.

Each day chloe wears a different bow in her hair and for yesterday to this morning she has a black and white bow with a little plastic pearl in the middle.

Chloe seems to be adjusting just fine.  She only cares about getting as much attention as possible and whoever does give to her, then she feels like she is in heaven.

One time there was a coyote in the backyard that jumped the fence, and jumped another fence over to the next yard barking at the neighbor’s dog.  That is very scary because that could have been chloe.  Meaning that when chloe goes out to do her thing in the yard, we all have to watch out for coyotes and whatever else.  For instance, Bats too!  Chloe was trying to chase after the bat that was on the deck and eat it, but the bat flew away almost chopping my head off.

Animals in the yard like coyotes are very dangerous towards chloe because they can make her the headless horseman.  She is barking now which probably means she is hungry and needs her food or that she wants to get her teeth brushed for a treat.

Chloe has become the strength in the family.

out, J

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