Careers are very important to make

Yes, Careers are very important. Sometimes it takes a long time to figure out sometimes it really doesn’t at all. I know that my life is a bit eluding and evasive these days at least to other people of what I really want for a career. My career choice I chose so far is Ultrasound. Most people say that I need to do echocardiography, but to me I really want to something more and better for me.

People feel that echo is money maker, but its only a money maker because most of the field of echo is about getting as much as you can done without a care in the world about the quality of the studies. I believe that quality matters even if its a study where you know nothing is wrong because everyone should have pride in what they do.

Someone says to me ‘Think Fast, Do Fast’ but … I question that…

Anyway, I am not saying this is with all people who do echo, because it certainly is not.

Echocardiography is an art and so is the rest of Vascular Ultrasound and even the parts of General Ultrasound.

I really enjoy doing  echocardiography and even vascular ultrasound.

Anyway, It is making money for me now, but I certainly do not have to cave in to the fact that there are other people around me that are [bleep] people who do NOT care and I do not want to be influenced by people like that. To those like me and feel the opposite of these [bleep] people who do not care, HALLUEJAH!

Anyway, posting later on,

Out, J

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