Before the next episode of Aspergia greets India

here is a poem:

I sit somewhere in a park,
waiting and waiting and waiting,
the tears are running down my face.
I don’t know what happened, I don’t
know where I am at.
I sat for hours already, wondering…
My life has come in twists and turns,
following what I need to do.
One has hit rockbottom and one has hit the top,
but what will I do.  Hopefully somewhere in the middle.
Once you hit the top, you can hit hard to the bottom
like no other thing has ever seen before,
but of course they have. We have seen it all the time.
So, as I walk away now from the land I am at
looking over the water to the next horizon,
I wonder if this is it, then I am done.
Yet, the more I travel along this path,
the more their will be smooth and then rough
and then back to smooth again as I
show myself what I can do.

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