Aspergia Greets Episode 8

Welcome to the Land of LOVE…

Okay, so we have entered the land of LOVE…

Is this coincidence or what?

the dragons are flying over the land as if they are breathing fire and having excitement. do you like the song Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows? Well, its pretty good.

the song is very good and relates well to the movie Shrek 2.

Anyway, F and K are again plastered on the beach of the Land Of Love aka cupids everywhere. they are lying there like something hit them. They hit the rocks on the beach as they turned back to themselves. Oh, that had to hurt.

Doesn’t Love Hurt though sometimes?

Anyway, F, K, me, latin woman, Natalia, and the 2 maltese dogs are walking around wondering what to say and do. Then, Natalia notices bush that looks like what is that “mistletoe”. And, as Natalia looks at the bush, a cupid shoots an arrow into her body and she jumps up and faces a stanger person from the land of Love. this stranger man she begins to fall in love with and all she can think about is this stranger man from the land of love. She goes up to him and kisses him while a native land of love woman comes up and smacks her in the face because Natalia kissed her husband.

Natalia comes running back asking all of us: What was wrong with me?

all of us to Natalia: You got shot by cupid!

Natalia freaked out and wanted to leave immediately but we all wanted to stay and check it out.

the land of love native couple wanted to adopt the two dogs from malta, but they are a part of the trip that will be brought back to Aspergia. They are so cute who wouldn’t want to have these maltese dogs.

Speak of the aspies, I and Natalia get an unexpected visitor from Aspergia on the land of love, as latin woman and I stand in front of mistletoe and latin woman gives me a big wet juicy kiss.

His name is Steel and he is my best friend from Aspergia.

me: Hey Steel, what are you doing over here following me? are you doing the same thing as Natalia?

steel: No, I have to give you a message from your family in aspergia.

me: what is it?

steel: Your brother is getting married in a few days, you must come back to Aspergia before moving to the next part of the journey…

me: oh know, I am enjoying myself, steel.

steel: wait, (as he sees the sign) may be it can wait till the last minute. Can i check out this land with y’all in the meantime.

me: sure, but don’t be like Natalia.

So, we see a trail in the woods and we all step foot with Steel in the forest of love. The forest of love is nothing so far from anything I have seen before. There are unicorns and many other loving animals “with” each other. The unicorns are by themselves protecting and serving the people of this land.

The land has a beautiful landscape of waterfalls,mountain peaks, giant trees and grasses, and so far so many mistletoe shrubs.

We enter in to the castle area which has a sign in Hebrew reading, LOVE this Land of Love in the name of our people…

We enter in to the land of Love castle arena area and see signs in hebrew and people talking hebrew, this must be the language.

Latin Woman is so impressed she wants to live here with me and forget every where else, but Natalia gets even more furious.

a Unicorn carriage rides over to us carrying people inside and the carriage stops and the people depart the carriage, A King, a Queen, and the prince and princess…

King: Hello My name is the King of Love and this is my wife the Queen of Heart and here is my 2, prince and princess of Aspergian Love…

Wait a minute, Aspergian Love prince and princess?

me: Actually King, are we in Aspergian Royalty land a part of Aspergia.

King: Why Yes You are!

me: This is amazing, no wonder why my friend steel is here. I am back in Aspergia.

King: Well, do you want to show your friends from the other lands around here.

me: Yes, but first I must get to my brother’s wedding nearly 500 miles away.

King: sure, come back any time…

So, it off the way they go inside the land of Aspergia. me, Steel, latin woman, Natalia, F, and K begin trekking the 500 mile walk/hike to the my home where a wedding awaits.

till then, see y’all…

out, J

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