Aspergia Greets Episode 5

The land seemed dark at first until the sun started to rise over the ocean and you can see all the land so green and blue from plants and water.

Natalia gets up and smacks me in the face. Apparently, the woman who danced with me somehow came along too without any of us knowing.

F and K were lying on the sand as if they had just drank from tequila bottles and now they are stiffs, yet they didn’t drink at all.

As everyone eventually gets up and settle down on the beach, we wonder what to do next…

Then, a dog warrior enters in to are territory. The dog was short, white, and wagging its tail. The dog points to the sign off to the right all of us, and we see the sign, Welcome to the land of Malta.

We are all in shock. But, the island looked very beautiful and me, F , K, and the two women who came along for the ride are all staring down wondering who and what will meet up with now.

Malta is a island in the Mediterranean sea.

more to come later on,

out , J

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