Aspergia Greets Episode 10

As brother Sveny and his new wife Britannica went to the land of Savannah Africa for a moment of their greetings of a new land in a honeymoon, Pregnant latin woman and I head off on the dragons to a far off land of India. In India, F and K wanted to meet up with a friend and his family. A storm hit while approaching the land of India. The skies were greyer than grey and melting with rain. The wind blowing so hard that the dragons were trying to breathe fire through their mouths and nothing was coming out.
Then, a lightening rod hit one of the dragons in the head and all of a sudden the dragon fell on to the land mass nearby the lake of the land of India. The dragon turns back in to K. K has a very large bump on the sides of the head and ontop as well.
The rest of us landed not so tragically as K landed. It was bumpyand the other dragon wanted to eat some fish from the lake before landing. Then he found K and landed onto the tree beside.
A few minutes later as usual F and K wobbled around as if they had something to drink or seemed to be having vertigo. All together they breathed out fire from their lungs as if to get the last dragon breath out of their mouths only to realize that a beautiful land of indian woman standing right beside them.
F: geez (gulp) omg, she looks beautiful. May I ask you madam, what is your name?
K: No, she is for me.
land of india woman: Gee boys, I sense some tension with one of you (as K decides to hit F in the arm about it), for the both of you, My name is Suemami and this is my sister adoring you K, and her name is Ela.
She points at her sister hiding behind the huge rock as she appears slowly away from the rock.
Suemami: I notice that the both of you are wondering what to say or do. My sister and I are here because we are friends with some people that live nearly 50 miles down the road east. Apparently you both have met this family before. May I ask how did you get to know the famous royal family of India.
F: I am speechless. I can not remember.
K: What are you talking about? You remember that time ten years back when we hit the accelerator of the door and fell in to this land before. Remember? And you and I had dinner with the royal family of India and the King told us that he sensed all of us meeting again.
Me: what are you talking about? this is my trip.
K: shut up, I am reminicing to my pal about an experience with the doors before.
F: Oh yeah, let’s go see him and his family again. It would be so nice and I really loved the food and I really do need food for thought right now.
K: sure you do (pointing at his fat stomach).
Suemami: Alright, but me and my sister want to help all of you enter through the land since we are in difficult and dangerous terrain. (as everyone notices they are on top of a huge Plateau)
So as the trek begins through the land of India to the castle, K begins talking to Suemami’s sister Ela who he first notices her body first which is crystal clear brownish skin dressed wearing only a swimsuit.
K begins: So may I ask you Ela, how beautiful your body is?
Ela blushes and walks toward her sister.
K runs over to her: Ela, I really admire you and would like to show you something. (He takes out a stone) Ela, this is my father’s stone from when he gave this to me when I was little. Its not just an ordinary stone but a symbol of attraction and love. And I want you to have it so whenever you want me, you just talk into the stone and I shall appear.
Ela takes the stone and F gives K a long hard look as if K just did something bad.
K runs back to F.
F: what are you doing?
K: Just trying to get myself a beautiful woman to …
F: I heard enough. I thought you have a woman back at the land of Latin.
K: Well, she won’t know.
F: GEEZ, you will never learn.
K and F don’t speak much else for the rest of the trip.

I run over to the two Indian women because this is my trip to other lands and I want to learn.
me: Hello Suemami and Ela. I am so sorry what one of my guides said to your sister if he was bothering her.
Ela: He wasn’t bothering me. He just asked me to marry him.
me: What?
Ela: He gave me the symbol of love and asked me to marry him because I am so beautiful.
me: uh huh, but where are you going to get married and when?
Ela: I need to talk to my father.
me: By all means how old are you?
Ela: I am 27, but father arranges the marriages.
me: Oh, I see. do you know he is not from this land.
Ela: Yes, my sister tells me he is from latin.
me: Ela, congratulations and i will congratulate my guide too.
I am running over to F and K.
me: Congratulations on getting married to Ela soon.
me: Yes, you asked her to marry you.
K: No, I didn’t I gave her an ordinary stone I found near the lake and told her some stupidity that whenever she looks in the stone I will appear and …
me: Well, you better talk to her.
F: oh no my friend.
K runs back over to Ela.
Ela: what is the matter?
K: that stone I just picked up from the lake, I thought it meant nothing at all.
Ela: that stone you picked up, is a real symbol of love that you only give to the woman you love and want to marry. Apparently now I must go to father and tell him so that he can arrange our wedding.
K walks away wondering…
F: so, what happened?
K: I really do have to marry her now.
F: what about your woman at the land of latin.
K: in another lifetime.
F: well, may be just may be you will learn in another lifetime to not pick up just anything and give it to a woman.
K: yeah you are right.
Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off the way they go.
me, latin woman, F, K, and K’s supposed fiance Ela, and Suemami find their way through the path toward the castle. They all come to a dead stop. The Plateau ended, what to do next?
F and K without realizing it turn back into dragons. The rest of us hop on them and we fly off until we see a castle in the distance.
Ela to me: Is my soon to be husband really switching from human to dragon at most instances.
me: yes, but it is an old aspergian magic that is doing it and he and his friend have the magic turned off in less than 80 days left when the journey ends…
Ela: oh, so where are you from, then?
me: I from the land of Aspergia. Greeting the many other lands of this world.
Ela: oh, I read about you in the world newspaper. You are the Man who seeks to learn other lands and cultures and are aspergian. I always wanted to go to aspergia. My father once went there nearly 10 years ago, but he hardly talks about it. May be you can meet him and he will talk to you.
Suemami: yes, father will talk to this aspergian, probably the only one he will talk to.
Ela: by the way, what is this woman doing with you?
me: I accidentally fell in love with her and now we are having a baby and I need to bring her back with me to Aspergia to live with her now. Yet, I do not want to upset the ways of Aspergia that already have set ways. I didn’t realize I’d be doing this. (whispering now) I was seeing Natalia back in Aspergia and now I am no longer with her, but with this woman.
Ela whispers back: Well, love happens in mysterious ways unfortunately, so take it and hold on to it and live your life with soon to be your new wife.
(Back to normal talk)
The dragons arrive on top of a castle rooftop unsettled and turn back in to F and K.
F and K wobble around with vertigo. Ela comforts her new fiance.
the King walks through the door with a big grin on his face and seeing his long lost pals F and K. Beside the King are his wife the Queen and his eldest daughter and son, princess and prince.
(To be continued)

out, J

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