an atypical poem

Great Men

by Jason Ross

I walk down the street,
I see the people they meet,
I see them talk,
I see them gaze into each’s eyes,
I see their bodies moving with ease,
I see the aspects of their difference
from me that shows the world who
defines greatness.

Greatness is
the difference between those with
being a hero and those being
with a burden. I for one,
know that we don’t talk about
the great one up there, we just
live with the importance that
everyone believes who is great,

Truth is: not true.
Feeling important, feeling the need
to be great is just a part of life,
no matter what any body knows
that no one is great. You can sing it,
you can believe it, you can shout it,
you can even think it, but that gives
no right to feel it since greatness is
more than anybody will ever know.

I once knew a man who thought he was great,
I worked with him one day and
that is all he believed, that he is great,
and every one else around including me were
beneath him. What kind of man is this?
A man with emptiness inside, a man who
thinks he is great just because…he can say it.
You can say it, but it doesn’t mean you are.
there are people out there,
there people like him who believe this,
shouting it out, telling the whole world.
delusions of grandeur can make others feel
upset and irritated.
There is another man currently
who think this, yet meeting people like this
is a part of life.
I see the people, I see them all around me,
I see their faces, I hear them talking.
I hear their feelings about themselves,
those who believe they are great,
and those who don’t.
Hold on to the moment,
it may last just for a minute,
life easily slips beneath your feet,
and before you know it,
you fall flat on the ground.
I wish this on no body, but someday
somebody will have fallen
flat on their face
and you wonder why…

To have fallen down on your face,
once you eventually get up, there
is a sense of reality check.
It happens to many people in this world,
including one and one that I mentioned
that it will happen to, yet you just hope
that people don’t laugh too hard…

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