Abby/Chloe Part Deux

Abby and Chloe most people who read this feel are the stars of the show. Well, to be a star is to be a star.  so, he hear is more about them.  Chloe is being very spiteful since the past 6 months or so have passed.  I guess she is depressed because she has no body to play with. Abby is a lump and can’t do anything. Chloe is looking for human contact whenever she can now.  Last week when  friends of my mom came over to the house Chloe was all over them like she hasn’t played in million years.

Abby is a lump and when she gets up my grandma calls it that she lays eggs all over the house.  Hence Easter just passed, but hey if she wants to lay an egg let her.   Abby is eating better though. No more tripping and colliding with grandma.

Anyway, Chloe needs outlets with other dogs at dog parks in rockland to socialize since Abby is well who knows.  And, may be chloe can join pet therapy with the seniors to help out the senior community in ny.


out, J

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