A continuation of love, power, work, and a postive life

We all strive for love.

We all strive for power though we do not get it the way we want to.

We all strive for working our tails off.

All of this leads to being the most positive we can be…

The movie Stardust, based on Neil Gaiman’s book. though reading the book first could have made things a lot better for planting pictures in my head,  I suppose the movie will do.

I am sure the book is better, but the movie was excellent story telling.

Neil Gaiman is a an amazing novelist and creator of fantasy.

The movie was about how a boy/man named Triesten discovers who he is.  His life starts out in the movie like he can not do much for himself, but he tries to a bit.  He lives with his single father where he had no idea who and where his mom was/is at the moments of time.

He has a first love, Victoria who he strives to be with, but she treats him like he is nothing  and that really frustrates him.  This man, Humphrey gets upset that Triesten is going after his woman, so Humphrey makes him feel belittled.

When one day he takes Victoria to the park with champagne and food, he feels he can win her over Humphrey by buying her love.

That is when destiny calls and Triesten’s life is finally revealed to him during a journey to find out.

He and Victoria watch what it looks like a shooting star fly and land on the earth creating a crater…

When Triesten goes  to his father after finding out from trying to cross a wall barrier seperating humans from the other world.  Triesten finds out that his father crossed the wall himself and that is how Triesten became Triesten because the father met a princess who helped create Triesten.  But, without Triesten realizing he is a prince during the whole movie.

This movie is about self discovery and finding out what love is all about.

He gets the woman of his dreams, becomes king of the other world but after a fight with witches and his uncles he didn’t realize were his uncles.  And he finally meets his mother the princess. He falls in love with the woman who was the shooting star.

Love is unconditional yet destiny sort of chooses who we will love in the future.

In ways I can relate to Triesten on many aspects of life.  There are woman out there I have thought I fell in love with, but because they thought I was boy and not a man, they wanted the other guy.

Triesten is a wonderful person/character that I can relate to.

Anyway, have a good day, I will be in Central Park…

out, J

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