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Respecting and Recognizing Others is Important for Humanity

Identifying ourselves…

In order to identify ourselves, we have to remind ourselves what we do, where we came from, and who we are. The poll question on the side column of this website expresses just that. It has been asking you to figure out how you would want to identify yourself. Identity is important for our own Humanity and it is defined by diversity since we all identify ourselves differently. Identity is important!

Many able-bodied people try to define people with disabilities including Autistic people without the expressed consent from Disabled people themselves. This is unfair and does not express the meaning of someone’s life. Mostly, many people try to instill person first language on the disability community as well as pitying us to separate a part of who we are from our own humanity. Telling others how to identify themselves is not a right of any one to do to the disability community nor to any body else. It does not allow any one to identify themselves properly. Instead, it expresses the interest of eugenics to society like the Nazi’s did to many cultures in the 1930’s and early 1940’s.

Society is beginning to change, but we need more progress, a lot more progress. Society encourages eugenics as a means to decrease diversity. People don’t need this to be encouraged, but the mainstream media, corporations, and organizations like Autism Speaks does this all the time which influences the government who controls society. When are the majority of people going to understand that we have many different ways of identifying each other and that each label is a part of who we are? No one has a right to tell a person that they can not identify themselves in such a manner. Most people believe in the Medical Model of Disability which expresses to so many people that society needs to use person first language. However, to be able to truly identify yourself, you should be able to first accept everything about yourself including anything disability related.

No one should feel that their disability is seen as less than Human, after all we have many markers in our genetic make up which defines us as well as the fact that disability is a part of the human experience. There are many disabilities and mental health conditions that disable Humanity at any point in time, autism being one of many disabilities. It’s important to accept your own Humanity about what you can do and what you struggle doing on an everyday basis.

We identify not only ourselves, we also identify other people, animals, material things, and the environment we live in. We acquire different things in our life, but most importantly we always acquire different disabilities throughout our life. So, why does many people become ashamed of what makes them Human? Society has trouble comprehending and accepting every culture or religion that instills itself inside the world. We have different cultures and religions because everyone lives a certain way that creates their own unique way of life. No one has a right to tell any one that their own unique way of living and identifying themselves is wrong. People live in so many ways! In fact, if you watch the movie “Nell” with Jodie Foster and Liam Neeson from the late 1990’s, you’ll see an excellent portrayal of the fight to live your life the way you know how to and to be able to identify yourself.

The problem with society is that their is too much discourse and in a lot of times, violence, because the majority of people argue over what culture is better, who should be leading, and the amount of money people have trustfully earned for themselves to create a better society. Because of the discourse, people begin hurting each other or themselves. Accepting yourself and other people will create a better society where we begin living peacefully. By allowing everyone to live their life, we begin to embark on our quest to fulfill our missions without trying to take from others, without identifying other people with a different marker to identify themselves with, and/or without trying to hurt others including the youth who are the next generation. We need to start delivering a message that Humanity is a precious commodity and that we are all here for a reason. The children of today are our next generation for tomorrow, so we need to teach children that Humanity respects, accepts, does not hurt each other, and earn a living trustfully. No matter what, if we do it right, the children of today will create a better society where no one hurts, no one crosses another’s boundaries without permission, and everyone respects any one, otherwise society will not tolerate it!

Every culture is different which is why we have a whole world to live it in. No one can decide in the world to create a society in which diversity lacks. However, we have billions of people in this world who have a mission to live their life the way they know how to, and no one can make any one in this world feel like they are any less Human.


Recognizing Good Relationships is Important When Networking

It’s important to recognize the people willing to help us after we have helped them. It’s important to know what encourages us to network with people who are willing to walk a two-way street with us. Autistic people tend to not be able to recognize those people who are not willing help one another. Instead, we tend to do too much for a person with nothing in return a lot of times. In return, we learn from that situation that relationships are one-way. However, that is not the way relationships run smoothly.

Because we don’t recognize a true relationship, we tend to embark on people that don’t want to help us in return. Everyone has an agenda and wants their agenda taken care of. Many people don’t really care about any one else’s agenda unless, everyone else’s agenda is the same as there’s.

When getting involved with researchers who do research about Autism, a lot of researchers have an agenda that typically is not the same as what most Autistic people want and feel too. Researchers tend to try to promote their studies because they have an agenda too, to sell. If you get involved with a researcher, you should know what you are getting involved with and if you can gain something from it. For example, if it affects you, go for it! They want to better understand Autistic people, but you always need to analyze the situation.

Needless to say, we need to be prudent with potential new networking opportunities. For example, I have networked with many people for the past few years and have grown to know a lot of new people in my life. However, now it’s time to start growing that population of people I know into a fulfilling two-sided relationship. I have known a lot of people for a while, but have not really known what they can do for me and what I can do for them. It is nice to know people, but it’s important to recognize what the two people can do for each other. I think I have grown a lot as a person and being the adult I am now, I realize I need to focus on what I believe in not so much of what others believe in.

My belief is in Neurodiversity and the social model of disability. This does not mean that I don’t believe in medication helping many people already, it just means I believe in people putting work into their own development toward self-determination even if that means that they need medication to help with that. Any one should be able to do that without other people’s criticisms. Medications can help people, but it’s not for everyone. A lot of Autistic people have already compensated for doing things on their own without medication, but a lot of Autistic people do still need medication to help them through their daily lives for various reasons. The medications typically relieve anxiety and depression related to trying to adapt to society’s standards, but there are other medications people take too.

By being a self-determined person with or without medication, we need to recognize who will do for us and in return do for them. Not everyone will be willing to do for me or you because not everyone believes in the same things. There are many people who have different agendas and a lot of times they conflict with ours. The idea is to find the right people who have similar agendas so that our work can be done.

I have found that I have been in relationships with people in the past, who just wanted to take advantage of me. When it was time for those people in the relationship to do for me, I was ultimately buried in the ground. It took me time to get myself up and going, but here I am moving along with self-determination for the past few years. I continue to learn about relationships.

A lot of people who say they want to learn more about Autistic people and teach Autistic youth, asking an Autistic adult for help, actually don’t want to compensate or help the Autistic adult’s agenda in anyway who graciously helped them in their struggles who learned more about autism. It makes me more cautious in wanting to help these people who ask for my help now. Many people in general, really don’t care about a two-way relationship I’ve noticed. People in general just want their agenda in action and when their agenda has been taken care of, they really don’t want to help the other person’s agenda. Autistic people generally become very confused by this approach in society because we expect something in return. It should be an honest exchange between people and caring about each other.

I have noticed some Autistic people I have met who take advantage as well because they learned from society that this type of one-way exchange is appropriate. However, by changing society, we can create situations where everyone no matter who you are, helps each other without taking advantage or bullying. Thankfully, I starting working a job now where my relationship with the job and myself help each other. It’s definitely a two-way street. Life teaches us certain things where people want to take advantage of others, but once you start recognizing the one-way relationships, you get to recognize the two-way relationships more.

Happy Networking!


Society’s Perception toward the Disability Community Needs to Change!

This is Society now:

Much of society is very Ableist and needs to get it right to understand; most people believe that disabled people are scarred for life needing to be pitied, waiting for them to overcome, and be an inspiration. This is the Medical model of Disability . By much of society being Ableist, they try to tell Disabled people what they think a Disabled person should do. For instance, most of society believes only non-Autistic people can help Autistic people.


This is where Society needs to be:

Learning more about the Social Model of Disability to teach people more about Self-Determination giving pride and self-esteem to any one, not judging people, and allowing others to be who they are contributing and being helpful in ways they know they can! Many people in society need to listen to everyone’s (including the people in the disability community’s) ideas, motivations, and ways to living in this world to make a better difference! A lot of people from the disability community including many Autistics want to give back and help too, to those struggling most.

Thank you!

Any Questions? Just look at me and some of my Autistic peers seeing what we are doing and wanting to do even more!

more to be read soon!