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The Disability community needs services to ensure success in life

Either we have services or we don’t have services, but what happens when we do or don’t have services…

It’s a CATCH-22!

Needing services and using the services:

1) Not having your own voice
2) Having your needs always met as a dependent for life
3) Being pitied with despair
4) Not having your own way of doing things accomplished with self-determination
5) Always being spoken to as a child

Not having/using services:

1) Being told you have to do everything on your own
2) Not having certain minimal services you need
3) Being told you don’t have a disability or you are not Autistic, etc.
4) struggling keeping up with everyday life skills
5) being told you are so-called ‘normal’ or just like everyone else

Either way it is a struggle for a Disabled person to live their life needing or not needing services. So, when is society going to understand disability? Society needs to give people who need the services the necessary things to ensure self-determination for success. Services are very important for my peers and I.

The social model of disability goes unnoticed because many people in the world look at the medical model as the key component in helping the disability community. Yet, the medical model of disability does not allow others to work with self-determination because medical professionals treat the disability rather than the person. They try behaviorist methods and medicine without having the person work on their own terms toward success. Society seems to not expect a Disabled person to live the way a Able person or Non-Disabled person can.

Every one has every right to be involved in their treatment plans whether they have a documented disability or not. Everybody has their own mind, their own body, and their own soul which gives them the strength to live their life. Many times due to many of society’s many people who we interact with, have dealt with abuses, neglect, and/or bullying which hurt self-esteem. In my opinion, this could be the reason why the medical model is continuously used to treat the disorder/disability rather than the person. The medical model also adapted thinking where everyone labels each other with something. This is called Eugenics.

Once society accepts disability, society will understand how to react to it and engage with those who have a disability much better.

Let’s start learning and finally accepting disability in Humanity!


Why can’t we all just get along!

Murder of an Autistic or Disabled person is a hate-crime just like any other hate-crime. It’s the same as any other murder of anyone else who is trying to live their life, but suddenly their life comes to an end by the actions of another. There needs to be fair justice in our society. Parents and/or Caregivers who murder their Disabled offspring should be held accountable for their actions. Just because someone has a disability like Autism does not mean life should be treated differently like we are less than human. For example, the recent murder of Alex Spourdakalis and the attempted murder of Issy Stapleton were both crimes. Murderers and attempted murderers should be brought to justice.

It makes me sad that there have been parents and caregivers that have killed their offspring. Parents and caregivers who murder their kids because they could not handle their child’s disability are mostly seen as the victims and often sympathized. However, if a person with a disability murders, the person with the disability who has murdered is seen as evil. This does not happen as much as parents and caregivers who murder their Disabled children and society does nothing about it. Why? Anyone who does that should be put to trial!

Acceptance takes time. Sometimes a person needs to review themselves and understand who they are before they can accept who they are. Not everyone has a master plan to do the same thing like their peers, that is why everyone has a different perspective on what peeks their interest to help society. Every one needs to figure it out on their own without letting a parent, caregiver, teacher, peer, behaviorist, etc. get in their way. No one should feel unsafe in their lives. That is the reason why Autistic or Disabled people like myself feel the need to feel safe in the world just like Neurotypicals do.

The only fair reasoning for anyone to get in the way of another person’s thinking is if another Human being wants to murder or harm another person. For instance, no one can murder any Human being regardless if they have a disability or not. That is why we have Justice courts to send the murderers away from society. Everyone deserves to have a safe, positive living environment. Anyone needs to be able to live however they know, to be independent, while interacting with the rest of society safely. That is why Autistic and Disabled people may work with therapists because they want to be able to interact with society safely and be independent.

Murder is murder is murder like a pulse is a pulse is a pulse! If something has a pulse, you can’t just murder it. Everything with life has a purpose and has time to accept themselves so everything else around with a pulse has time to accept their family or peers. And yes, acceptance takes time, a lot of precious time to reflect and love who we are. It’s very important to not only accept ourselves, but also to accept others as they are. People like parents and caregivers of Autistic and Disabled people need to continue to live their lives interacting with others in a positive way just like my parents always do. I luckily have a good support network.

Don’t forget that everyone needs to love the person they are meant to be and never let anybody else bring them down! Society needs to understand one thing in life; being able to love and cherish the people who really care and appreciating those positive moments we all will give in the future or have given already!


Communication Shutdown November 1; Is it really necessary?

There are certain Autism organizations promoting a Communication Shutdown on November 1 thinking people will support Autism Awareness. The real goal here is not Awareness, but understanding and acceptance of different people who express themselves in many ways. The Communications Shutdown for November 1 will shutdown Facebook and Twitter to every one, but is this really necessary to shutdown the only way of communication people with Autism Spectrum Disorders like myself have to tell the world our viewpoints. Speaking is very important to tell your viewpoints to your peers and professionals abound. The way any person communicates in this world mostly by talking builds us up and strengthens who we are. A person who talks about their feelings to another is giving themselves a means of letting go of past bad feelings inside. So, why take away the only means of communication most Autistic people have? Twitter and Facebook used by many Autistic individuals like myself is the one of the only means of communication of our thoughts and feelings to express to others. What are they trying to prove by taking this away for 1 day? There is no real substance to organizations deciding to shutdown communication on Facebook and Twitter for 1 day. The only way to do something about this issue of stopping the communication shutdown is by supporting the fact Autistics do Speak in many different ways! By shutting down communication on these 2 major websites, you won’t be helping Autistic individuals like myself, you’ll be hurting us and yourselves!! We’ll become more shut out from the world feeling lonely and isolated.

Every body should be able to say what they feel and not be shunned or ridiculed for saying their feelings nor should they feel pushed away from the limelight. If you really want to help Autistic individuals speak their mind, let them do it in their comfortable way and practice with them to talk in a conversation.

By communicating in our comfortable way, we feel stronger, relaxed, and positive. We feel connected more with people we know on Facebook and Twitter because we get to communicate our thoughts and feelings much better. Life is a tribute to having connections for ourselves that when we fill ourselves up with connections which matter, we feel more complete as a person. So, why can’t every one speak their minds without shutting down the world? Every one should be able to decide for themselves what to do because we are all individuals and have our own ideas.

Be Strong, Bold, and listen to what we say!

posting soon enough,


It’s going to be okay, kid!

Life can hard, but it gets easier when you can hear someone say “It’s going to be okay.”  My life has twists and turns, ups and downs just like any one else.  I see, I hear, I smell, I taste,  I touch, and I sense.  Some people are gifted enough to sense the spiritual world around them.  Some people, at least most people can not.  Some people can sense what a person is made up of by watching closely.  This can be ultimately a gift too. Though there are some people who believe they can do and see things, but really are just sick.

When a child is first born in to this world how can anybody know and understand how that child is going to grow up.  For instance, a child who grows up psychic or a child who grows up autistic or a child who grows up mentally ill.  I think a parent knows or should know how their child is growing up.  Every child grows up with something. There is no normal way of growing up.  Some are more spiritually inclined and some are just plain messed up.

When a child or even an adult goes to the doctor perhaps a psychiatrist, there are sure differences in the way the child behaves which determines the child’s syndrome.  If a child is behaving due to sensory issues or lacking the necessary skills to communicate the child may be autistic.  The child who behaves because he or she is hurt from something is clearly feeling deep emotional issues which have scarred the ego.  An ego is a very precious thing in around ourselves which needs to be filled up, but not stroked. An ego can be very unstable because our feelings inside tend to mask the ego.

We must be careful how we raise the children of tomorrow and help the adults of today who are struggling.  It is important to be in touch with our spirit to let go and feel free.  When someone let’s go of their feelings inside, I find it can be very painful moment as we begin to cry with many tears down our face.  Life is intended to be lived and to learn from the preexisting experiences we once had.  Every day is a new day with a new beginning.

Last night and many other nights in my life, when I fall asleep something more seems to happen which scares me.  Some people may call it a very vivid dream while others call it in touch with my soul.  Meditation is another relaxing and spiritual feeling which can bring you in touch with your spirit.   I feel in touch with my spirit most of the time because I want to be conscious of myself and how I feel.  It seems when I feel stressed out, I tend to become more in touch with my spirit.  I have begun to realize how I am and how I can live my life better.

Remember every body goes through times of renewal.  From the book I read on auras in a previous posting, I realized I was a crystal.  Something which is now helping me determine who I am.  I would like to begin the school which can help other people on the Autism Spectrum have jobs too.  Every body wants to work, but some people struggle more to get it. There are Autistic individuals who struggle so much, they have trouble with just daily life routines.  If only there was a way to get these Autistic individuals to feel comfortable in this world as they are.  Struggles vary in degree, but we need help sometimes or in some people most of the time.

As I said before in earlier posts, the ultrasound school I want to start has the name Buena Salud Ultrasound School. It is important for as many people in this world to contribute to society in a good way by helping and earning a living.  Like every body wants to hear, “It’s going be okay, Kid.”

(Anyway, posting again soon)


The only way my own mother knew

I grew up in the 1980’s where there was very little information available for people to understand Autism Spectrum Disorders. Many people on the Autism Spectrum were left unnoticed and misdiagnosed. There was not the diversity or understanding about Autism Spectrum Disorders as there is today. Most people thought of a person with Autism as Dustin Hoffman’s character in the 1988 film, Rain Man. The movie actually portrayed a man with Savant Syndrome whose family had placed him in an institution because they were unable to handle his strange and difficult behavior.

Unfortunately, most people today still view a person with Autism the same way. The misdiagnosing of people on the Autism Spectrum still continues to occur. The sudden attention of the various disorders within the spectrum has shined some light and has brought about media coverage. This exposure has helped to make the medical community become more knowledgeable enabling them to correctly diagnose individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. This exposure has made people believe that there is an epidemic of autism, however, this is not so. Previously, these individuals were misdiagnosed with various mental illnesses when in reality they had Pervasive Developmental Disorder. There is no epidemic today but the large number of correct diagnoses shows the sudden understanding of autism in the medical community.

My mother raised me knowing that I was different from my brothers, cousins, and other children growing up with me. She knew that there was something unusual about me but did not understand why. She sought out medical assistance but was never satisfied with the answer they provided. She felt deep down inside of her the need to uncover what made me function differently than everybody else. Only in my early twenties did I discover the real source of my unusual behavior.

I attribute my success today to the persistence and care of my mother. Throughout my life even though she knew I was different, she has always been there for me. She enabled me to grow despite my handicaps and become a productive member of society. She continues to build my self-esteem and to challenge me to be independent and work hard. My mother has an innate understanding of what is best for me. Her natural qualities of patience and social skills have enabled me to have a true sense of who I am as a person.

My life growing up was very difficult and rocky most of the time. Throughout my life my peers, teachers, and siblings did not have an understanding of who I was or why I acted and said things that they deemed odd. Life was and continues to be a challenge for me every day. Life is quite different for a child on the autism spectrum and know matter how one tries they can not compete with their “Neurotypical” counterparts.

As I moved through various periods of my life there was many times where I wanted to do things when I was not ready to. My mother would tell me “Jason, be patient and listen to me, I am only trying to help.” However, there were many times when I would push myself harder than my mother felt I should. I would become frustrated feeling I was held back, but she always would boost me up with words of encouragement.

Many people felt that without having tenacity a person can not achieve anything. My life has driven me to make it in a field where only Neurotypicals achieve. My drive has given me a sense of accomplishment. I have become just as good as my Neurotypical peers who are in the field of Cardiac and Vascular Technology by proving to them that by struggling eventually you achieve what you want to. Sometimes you must feel inside of you what you desire even though it’s a rough road, and go with it anyways no matter how tough it can become.

My life’s journey brings about many individuals who help guide me. At times these individuals became more influential then my support system. However, there are many misinformed individuals who have no understanding about Autism Spectrum Disorders. These individuals can be very insensitive and cruel. They can cause pain, humiliation with no sense of our feelings. However, in order to reach for the stars you must recognize who is helping and who is hampering. Learning to use our instincts is the best way to handle these situations even when we don’t like what are instincts tell us.

In order to have success in the world you must listen carefully to what people say and to make clear judgments for yourself.  No matter what seems to happen in my life, I always show the tenacity and drive to keep on going.  As a current friend always tells me, “I am like the energizer bunny.”

Success equals Special Unknown Catalyst Carving Extraordinary Social Skills

out, J