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A Poem called “It’s OK to be Disabled, It’s OK to be Different”

It’s Ok to be Disabled, It’s OK to be Different

by theamazinJ

It’s Ok,
I am disabled,
I am different,
I am vulnerable,
I don’t test well on IQ,
It’s Ok to get it wrong,
and it’s OK because I am Human,
it’s OK to make mistakes,
and It’s Ok to be open to everyone.
I am very stupid sometimes,
I am very intelligent,
I am influenced at times,
I act like a jerk sometimes too,
and it’s OK because I am Human.
I am anxious all to often,
I am angry at times,
I get stuck on my anger too much,
and it’s OK because I am Human.
I can be mean,
I can be nice,
I am different,
and it’s OK because I am Human.
I am impulsive,
I am impatient,
I am patient at times too,
and it’s OK because I am Human.
I am stubborn,
I can be closed minded,
I am open minded,
and it’s OK because I am Human.
I’ve been silent for a bit,
I’ve not been speaking as much,
it’s OK because I am Human
and need my space sometimes
to not respond feverishly
and without thinking things through
because when I am silent,
it does not mean I have nothing to say,
it just means I am Human and need my space too.
I am Human because I am imperfect,
and it’s OK not to be perfect
since I am Human.
It’s OK not to like everyone,
It’s OK to love everyone
because I am Human
and don’t intend to
hate anyone.
It’s Ok to be different,
It’s Ok to be disabled,
It’s OK to take my time,
It’s Ok to read slowly,
It’s Ok to use alternative textbook reading
to read quicker,
It’s Ok to write fast,
It’s Ok to write how I feel,
It’s Ok to think quickly,
It’s Ok to react and respond,
It’s Ok to be who you are,
It’s Ok for myself to
think through about what I need for support,
It’s Ok to self-direct my own life,
It’s Ok that everyone may not agree with me,
It’s OK if I disagree,
It’s Ok to argue my point of view,
It’s Ok to retreat to my shell,
It’s Ok to be lively and out,
It’s Ok to speak out as much as I want,
It’s OK to say NO when I feel I disagree,
It’s OK to be open,
It’s OK to come out of my hiding spot,
and It’s OK for others to be angry
when I disagree with them,
It’s OK to move differently,
It’s Ok to have different language,
because we are Human,
because we are all different,
because we all have our own ideas,
because we all have our own opinions,
because we all have what it takes to succeed,
because we all succeed in different ways,
because we are all Human
and don’t have to do things exactly in the same way,
because we all are crooked and learn to be straighter
learning to do things the right way
even when we can make horrible mistakes
that we learn from,
because we are all born differently
with every part of the way we learn and
how to live positively and to the fullest,
because we are all not even and the oddballs that we are,
because we are all weird and freaks and r*t*r*d*d in our own way
and that is Ok.
It is OK because we are Human.

A poem called “A letter from Heaven from Thou”


A letter from Heaven from Thou,

by theamazinj

Things are changing,
I see what you are doing,
Go get ’em and make those changes,
I support you,
I encourage you,
I want you to change those perceptions,
to change those pesky thinkers
striving to perfect the human genome,
I want you to change everything
to get everyone to believe in everyone
to get everyone thinking about my creation,
to the way I think about differences,
and to think about what true acceptance is,
I love you, now go get ’em my tigers,
go get ’em my activists,
and go get ’em my people to make peace
and to re-design a world
to thinking about universal design
to thinking about everyone,
not some who were
and are being a bigot
who designed societies in the past
both structurally and abstractly.
we need a world of differences
both varied and wide,
not bigots who do not think of differences,
we need a world to change things
from old to new,
and we need a world
to find my windmill
that changes everything,
that changes the way people perceive others,
the way disability is supposed to be in my human race,
the way the human race was created to be not perfect like I am,
it is you, it is yourself, and it is everyone around
who are activists who can stop this negative perspective
from thousands of years misperceiving me,
and creating the change toward accepting everyone,
to creating a world that does not hurt,
to creating a world of self-determination,
by creating a world of helping others with self-acceptance,
it is you to help others self-actualize,
Now, please send out this message
to finally GO GET ‘EM, MY SWEET ONES,
Go GET ‘EM, my tigers,
and GO GET ‘EM my activists,
but please do not be extreme,
please do change no matter what
others think is too radical to change,
and please just do it,
we need this,
we need diversity and differences
both varied and wind
in abilities
and in disabilities
and we need to show
what my world was created to be
like in the first place,
NOW, just GO and make that DIFFERENCE
no matter how stubborn and resistant
to change many of the others are!

A poem called “The Arc of Rainbow Meets the Dark Mark”


The Arc of Rainbow Meets the Dark Mark,

by theamazinJ

Rainbow bright,
the colors at sight,
flourishing all day,
experiencing at night,
even during the day
the darkness hits the arc,
for the dark mark
can be everywhere at any time.
The darkness brings in the light
the lightness intersects the dark,
diversity of colors intertwines
with both
the dark mark reveals a motion of change
a change to crack the arc of rainbow,
to breakthrough the strength
as the arc of rainbow is a covenant of thou,
it is a a part of them,
it is a part of us,
when the dark mark touches
our rainbow it changes what we see
and the light fights harder to
be stronger than ever
from the unknown dark mark,
the darkness is just
a separation or
just before the beginning of a new start,
the dark mark does not have to be bad,
it all depends on what you think
it all depends on how you perceive,
the dark mark breaking through
the rainbow means
what we want and what we have
is changing,
it is unknown,
but it is a change.
The Rainbow is a covenant
the rainbow is a part of the diversity of
what we see, what we hear,
what we become, what we feel,
the diversity of rainbow
is a mark that ensures
the rainbow ensures
acceptance of who individuals are
acceptance of how we all interact
acceptance of how we all communicate
acceptance of what individuals represent
in themselves for the community,
the rainbow is a mark too,
a mark of diversity
while the dark mark is really
a mark of change even though
it seems scary, it seems unknown,
and we do not know what to expect,
the dark mark meeting the rainbow
is just thou sending a message
to the hearts of everywhere
so everyone can hear
so everyone can remember
what thou wants
what thou is
what thou of all of us can do
The rainbow meeting the dark mark
means a message is being sent out
for a change, for a reinvention,
for human growth, for the world to understand
that we cannot grow without who we are,
we cannot grow without knowing
about others, without knowing about
helping ourselves
and better understanding others
in understanding human culture,
and knowing the reality of
the powers of the universe
that one day
we return
to the rainbow,
we return
to the stars,
we see our legacy
embedded and shining
everywhere and all around.
That is amazing,
to find out who we are,
doing what we want to experience and set our mark,
after all we finally reach our pinnacle
to be a part of everything we see in the night sky
being the symbol of what we were
which embarked on a legacy
for all to remember or choose to ignore.

A poem called “Let Everyone Fly like the Wind”

FullSizeRender 11

Let Everyone Fly Like the Wind,

by theamazinJ

I’m disabled,
I can do anything,
I need support,
More support than able-bodied people,
it does not mean I cannot see and do my successes,
it does not mean I will fail without you,
it just means I need more support than you do not need,
I have my mind,
A wonderful mind,
I have my body,
A wonderful body,
I have my dreams,
I have my life,
A wonderful LIFE,
I have my creativity,
that able-bodied people ignore,
I have my thoughts,
that are not influenced by any one,
I am not brainwashed,
and these thoughts are mine,
I am oppressed by society,
and I don’t think any one cares,
they keep disabled people down,
way way down,
Though, disabled people,
are smart,
are creative,
are inventive,
network for jobs (if you realize this or not),
or, actually can network, but
are mostly tossed aside,
can change the world (if you only allow us too),
know so much as a person
while NOT your inspirations,
while NOT your tragedies,
while NOT your burdens,
can flourish if you don’t keep us down,
down in day hab,
down in sheltered workshops,
down in low level jobs,
down in poverty,
down on the streets,
down with functioning labels,
keeping our voices down and silent,
tokenizing our voices,
not allowing us to choose what we want,
without allowing our voices to be heard,
only allowing our voices to be heard by a limit,
and, backing away as we speak our words,
as we teach the able-bodied community
what we think, what we see, and what we know,
most importantly,
we can teach everyone
that society needs to change,
society needs to experience us
from our points of view,
and society,
needs to finally learn
what disability really is, and really means.
Let’s begin the change,
let’s begin the way society will accommodate
offering accessibility to disabled people everywhere,
let’s begin to universally design a society
that listens to everyone,
works with everyone on their own achievements,
changing structures both physically and abstractly,
showing less selfishness in the world,
and more humble, gracious, and open communities
to disability and disabled people
from close by to afar.

One last post for New Year’s 2013, It is Here and upon us now!!!!

2012 is behind me. There were Very good things that happened, and there were not so good things that happened. I am so proud of myself for have worked a job for the Autism Science Foundation’s Adult with ASD survey to improve services for Autistic adults. It was a tough job, but I worked hard and did it. I feel accomplished, I feel proud, and I am feel I am moving forward with my life.

2012 is behind me and the latter half of the year gave me much Joy with my job with Autism Science Foundation. I am ready for a 2013 feeling even better!!!

2013 will have it’s ups (and downs too), but if we focus on what we want to look forward to, we’ll be A-Okay. I will be the man I want to become, have the woman I want, and develop my self-empowerment with much gain to my advantage. I am a superstar spiritually because in a nutshell we all are superstars, we just have to believe in it ourselves. Being Humble is what makes us Hum-an. It’s what keeps us on our toes by staying grounded. It’s a feeling that makes us the best by not only helping ourselves, but by helping others also. Which by the way I am on the Board of Community Alliance for the Ethical Treatment of Youth (CAFETY) and feel proud to be volunteering my time to help them achieve their goals as well. Advocacy and activism is so important!!

Thank you 2012 for starting a future for me that will help give me the self-determination that my mother always instructed me in the past to become. I found so much gain in 2012, that the heartache of this past year fades away so quickly. Life often teaches us lessons. Those lessons instruct us over and over again and eventually testing us. If we fail the test, we keep on taking it again until we pass it. I have grown. I still have my life to live and more tests to take. However, I am guaranteed to pass it with the self-determination to finish with style, grace, and humility. Eventually I will be older, wiser, and teaching what I have learned in the past. When my time is eventually up, I will feel proud to give myself up. For now I am in my thirties still learning the lessons I need to learn to live and grow my spirit the way I want to be remembered.

Things happen for a reason, but I believe it’s all in good faith!

(By the way, I just saw the movie Silver Lining with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper and it was a truly great love story filled with self-determination to beat the struggles in life. I highly recommend anyone who wants to, to see the movie, Silver Lining)