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Autistic Pride Day 2015 and the 6th Annual Autistic Artistic Carnival

I shift myself up,
I shift myself closer,
I send my love,
I heal the generations,
I feel,
I sign,
I move,
I move a lot,
and most importantly,
I follow my dream,
I am a Disabled activist,
I am Autistic,
I am Neurodivergent,
I am big,
I am small,
I am grounded,
I am alive,
I am part of life,
but mostly I am gone as
I am generations a part,
I failed,
but now I win.
I made mistakes in the past
when doing things that
didn’t suit me,
but now I am me,
I am doing what is me,
and what I want
to help the world,
to help change the perceptions
about autism and disability
from the stigmatizing
media campaigns
and organizations like Autism Speaks,
but most importantly
to keep things positive
and cheerful,
I would like to wish
you all a very

I would like to thank Landon Bryce at thAutcast, Kelly Green, Artists and Autism Facebook page, and Leah Kelly at 30 Days of Autism Blog, and the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network, but most importantly Aspies For Freedom who started this day years before in the early 2000’s!

NOW, go and enjoy the CARNIVAL!!!!


For June 18, 2015: 6th Annual Autistic Artistic Carnival is ready for submissions to be accepted starting April 1st for June 18th Online event on my blog!

Have no FEAR, have no ANGER, have no HATE…why????? Because the love of the Autistic Artistic Carnival is coming soon this JUNE…



It is for any Autistic person from all ages from all over the world to create or invent something they would like to share on the online June 18th event for Autistic Pride Day!!!!! YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!

Have no FEAR, have no ANGER, have no HATE…why????? Because the love of the Autistic Artistic Carnival is coming back once again for Autistic Pride Day June 18!!!! That means that this is the 6th annual ONLINE event!!!! remember it’s always for all ages for ALL Autistic people in this culture of Disability Culture.

It could be past Carnival participants, classmates of mine in graduate school, professors I have, any one else at CUNY SPS, Adaptations members at the JCC in Manhattan, an Autistic Self-Advocacy Network member, or any one with a good idea!!

The Online Carnival will be AMAZING!!!!! And BETTER than any other year that it was produced ever as we reach the 10th year annual where there will be a REAL in person CARNIVAL!!!!!!!

Thank you ALL and please be patient…

CALLING all Artists, Writers, Musicians, Film people, inventors, etc. come one, come all!!!!!

WE Autistic people in Autistic culture are just as great as the MAINSTREAM general society too 🙂

Hey, here is the banner I came up with on my own as I am feeling relaxed and focused on my tasks!!

Submissions will be accepted at autisticprideday@gmail.com and will be posted on June 18, 2015 for the Online event on this blog…

HOLIDAY SPECIAL: A Presentation on Autistic Artifacts from my project partner and I in “Disability and Embodiment” Class

TRIGGER Warning for everyone: We had used artifacts that were a part of the medical and charity models of disability towards the end of the presentation. This was only to show that they are artifacts too even though we all disagree with them.

I hope everyone enjoys the presentation my project partner from class did with me. We worked really hard as capturing the highlights of the many positive aspects of Autistic culture and the social model of disability!!!

Hopefully I can finally start Graduate School for next year 😀 It would only help me even more!!!!

Flapplauding always and Please ENJOY your HOLIDAY Present from me to you!!!!!



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5th Annual Autistic Artistic Carnival is UP!!!!

As you watch and look at all the creative Autistic artists who submitted their talented works in the 5th Annual Autistic Artistic Carnival, I would like to thank all those people and groups that promoted the Carnival for me this year. Thank you to Landon Bryce at ThAutcast at his Facebook page, Thank you Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism and their Facebook page, Thank you to the Artists and Autism Facebook page, and Thank you to the many other individual people who promoted the Carnival for me including Renee Salas. If I missed anyone specifically please let me know and I will add you to the post.

Thank you most importantly to my family including my parents for always supporting me and helping me in anyway they can.

The Autistic Artistic Carnival is a memorable amazing Carnival online every year to help Celebrate NeuroDiversity in every way, shape, and form!!! I know everyone wants a REAL Carnival, so may be for the 10th Annual (DECADE) Carnival, we can do one…

Please go Enjoy the CARNIVAL this year once again…



Submissions are Ready to be Received for the 5th Annual Autistic Artistic Carnival!!

The Guidelines for this year’s Autistic Artistic Carnival is for every Autistic person to submit their works to be shown on this website on Autistic Pride Day, June 18 is being shown now!!!

Any Autistic person from all AGES can submit their work to me from now until June 16 in the form or art, photography, film, poetry, other writings, music, anime, or any inventions/scientific discoveries they have created. If you want to look at the other works from previous Autistic Artistic Carnival’s, please do so to get some ideas!!!

This carnival will ensure that Autistic CREATIVITY and MINDSET get recognized for ACCEPTANCE and UNDERSTANDING of Autistic people of all ages WORLDWIDE!!!!!!

Please send all emails to Email theamazinJ!